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Any Cinema 4D users out there?

Been using C4D for awhile. Thought I'd check with you all, see if anyone out here in Frihost land would lke to chat. Working through the Mocca tutorials right now for a paying project. A little scary, somewhat confusing but I think I'll survive.

Primarily, I'm a video producer/shooter/editor, but have been mostly editing the last few years due to spinal injuries, and I love After Effects, motion grafx, etc. It gives me an excuse to explore 3D, which I really enjoy but normally can only spend a little time on.

Character modeling and animation is something I've always wanted to try and so far I've got 2 pretty cool characters and now I'm rigging. Anyone else using C4D for characters or anything else at Frihost?
Hey ive got it (and yes i bought it-well i didnt buy it my uncle did but.. who cares)

hmm im not really great but im mainly into the small abstract renders for use in wallpapers and signatures or use in photoshop, so yes id like to learn loads more if you would like to help me get any better i suck at the abstract renders but i suppose im learning slowly..
I'm still trying to learn the tricks of the trade. I have Cinema 4D that I use for quick renders, but I haven't done much else with it yet. I'm still developing my skills, but someday I hope to work in the area of media/video production. I always did want a career in video games, as well. If that doesn't work out, I have other options.
It's fun when you can get into it. Besides the Maxon related websites, Creative Cow has some pretty good tutorials if you are interested. And the Adam Watkins books have some pretty good stuff.

I've got this recurring project, an awards show video that brings in a few thousand and every year I try something new, character modeling and rigging is a lot given the hard deadline, but hey, that's what adrenaline and sweat are for!

Good luck with your stuff.
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