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Any Listeners of Christian Music Here?

I was just looking at some Christian CDs on Amazon and was wondering if there are any Frihosters that listen to Christian Music.
Some of my favorites are:

David Crowder
Robbie Seay
Kieth Green
Steven Curtis Chapman
Matt Redman (was looking at some of his latest CDs. How is his Blessed Be Your Name, the live CD?)

There's more, but I'm more interested in other listeners.
I listen to the Gaither Gospel Hour; they are an amazing group of singers and musicians. I think they are Protestant or something but their music is remarkable.
I do listen to Christian Music, such by Steve Green, i forgot the others. Im a member of a male chorus and we sing lots of Christian Music.
I listen to, lots of people, but my favourite is Shine, Jesus Shine Very Happy
I listen to some, with my main preferences being Michael Card, Wes King, and Phil Keaggy.

Even so, I feel the following line from Michael Card's song, "Scandalon" sums up a number of things very well:

It seems today the Scandalon offends no one at all:
The image we present can be stepped over.
Could it be that we are like the others long ago?
Will we ever learn that all who come must stumble?
I don't listen to much, but LifeHouse, and Switchfoot are pretty good. No offence, but most Christian music is pretty crappy. Sad The ones that try too hard to sound like popular non-Christian music normally end up sounding horrible. I mostly just like 'Contempory Devo/Worship Songs' or whatever you call those. Smile
Subsonic Sound
I listen to a fair amount of music with strong christian influences... Steve Lawson is a prime example. Superlative musician. He played at the 'Greenbelt' Christian festival - I got in free by working on a tech team.

I'm not actually christian myself, but his music is entirely instrumental. He may be inspired by God, but the listener is free to make their own interpretation. That's what I like about instrumentals. Smile
i listen to little christian rock. i think its ok - favorites: kutless, switchfoot.
but i normally listen to metal so it gets a bit soft for me once in a while
Frozen Balrog
w00t go Kutless (their new cd is good) Thousand Foot Krutch, Switchfoot, all good bands. Kutless mixes their music well.
i think christian music is brilliant, all that stuff about Our god is a mighty god, etc etc etc

i think its great thast god has wormed his way into our music, its not like he has any other pies with fingers in
I like Christian music too, its great, at Church we sing them a lot and I like them! One of my favourites is "Shine Jesus, shine!" Laughing

Christianity plays a big role in my life, thank God for showing Himself to me! Wink
Newsboys has a good sound and catchy tunes.
I listen to Five Iron Frenzy, but that's pretty much it. My church has a nice band that only does covers, so that's where I get everything else.
sci-fi girl
My favourites would have to be Delirious?, Kutless and Hillsongs United.

And of course I'm a big fan of my own church's band Smile
Unfortunately, I don't know neither of those you mention (yeah, I live in the middle of nowhere where no-one hears of American Christian music). Anyway, in my country there are a few good Christian bands too. If you have any occasion, try looking up for them:

Full Power Spirit - Christian hip-hop with a very positive message. You should really see them live Wink
Maleo Reggae Rockers - even more positive reggae band from my city
2Tm2,3 - a good piece of rock
Armia - hard/punk/metal - gives a kick Very Happy
Arka Noego - I guess this one is the best. A reggae rock band, that instead of a singer has about twenty little kids, singing and screaming. Their lyrics are very simple, but sincere and wonderful, how could little kids praise God Very Happy
I listen to Relient K, they're a Christian Rock band, really good too.
Ramblerinos wrote:
i think christian music is brilliant, all that stuff about Our god is a mighty god, etc etc etc

i think its great thast god has wormed his way into our music, its not like he has any other pies with fingers in

i love christian my church 'conerstone tarbernacle ministry' we sing nothing but gospel church is not a catholic or a protestant church but we are christians.we all sing togheter and dance together.its a lot of fun.sometimes i play the keyboard in my church.only when needed.
well me myself i am agnostic and therefore i dont follow a religion but my familly are all christians and they all love that type of music ??? i dont myself but they do !!
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