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New Xbox has chance to be No. 1, Gates says

The next generation of Microsoft's Xbox gaming console, due later this month, will give the world's largest software maker a chance to overtake gaming business leader Sony, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates asserted on Monday.

"Our goal in the last generation was to be in the game," Gates told reporters. "We came out of this round a strong No. 2."

Speaking at a meeting of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, Gates said that the newest version of the Xbox, code-named Xenon, would have features that will make the device a more versatile tool for games, music, video and pictures in the living room.

Gates also emphasized that Xenon will take advantage of the growing availability of televisions and content in high-definition format, which allows clearer pictures to be displayed on large, wide screens.

Microsoft is planning release details of its next generation Xbox on May 12 in an MTV special, ahead of a key gaming conference later this month where Sony is also expected to talk about its successor to the PlayStation 2, its current generation console and market leader.

"What we've got in this (next round), at some significant financial cost, was the right to play again with great credibility," Gates said. "So now people are looking at the two companies at a pretty much equal basis."

Asked if Microsoft would be able to beat Sony with Xenon, Gates said that several top employees involved with Xenon had promised Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer that Xenon would beat Sony and that he welcomed that "competitive dynamic."

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft jumped into the gaming console business in 2001 with the Xbox, spending more than $2 billion to develop and market the machine, which it expects to become a major source of profit and revenue.
The new xbox looks nice but the ps3 looks like tough competition. Good luck to both.
I personally feel that although it maybe hard to comment on which one is going to take a lead, Micro$oft's xbox is going to be a bigger player with their next version than it is now.
looking at the different paths the two majors have chosen to develop their console technologies, it's more likely that M$ will have the edge.
But despite that, being the current leader, playstation will be difficult to overthrow.

I prefer my PC for gaming, by the way. PC for FPS's
Good!very Good!
Good news, i personaly think the Xbox will better then the PS3 with graphics but PS3 has sum big names on their platform tho

Car Audio
nice stuff Very Happy
What new features do these consoles offer?
Hey whatever happened to Sega and Nintendo, they should team up and destroy Sony and Microsoft. We can't let Bill Gates win, he'll take over the world by corrupting the government into making new laws which do away with checks and balances. Then he'll get rid of the monoply laws, and soon every one will go to jail, where we will be forced to make Xbox's for Bill Gates and his family. Twisted Evil
Joel Brewer
I have seen both the PS3 and X-Box 360, and I would have to say right now PS3 has the early lead, but thats only because they have shown games more at E3, while the X-Box 360 games still look great... but come on people WE WIN NO MATTER WHAT!
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