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bird flu in america!


just a few of respectable sites saying that it is true, that bird flu was found in america. Yay, isnt that great for us now? were just another country that has the disease. I really think a bird genocide should go on right now. I mean we arent going to die if they die first, so lets start. Joking about that, but really what do you guys think of the bird flu and how it has reached america now?
Supposely the government hired people to make the shots to cure it. I guess we will see, I have my gas mask ready Neutral
yea i heard about that on the news. Its crazy that it finally hit the states and its here. I heard it was only a small case of bird flue and it was a minor case compared to what other countrys are seeing in their areas. One of the places that they found them was Princeton, NJ. Its crazy that it hit the east coast. Figures though, because it probally came off a truck and was shipped to the east coast. Hopefully they dont find anymore of these bird flues in the Americas
No to close to me. I seriously am starting to become afraid. We need a vacinee for it badly. I really hope it doesn't go any further then where it was.
If you read the CBS one you really dont have to be afraid because its not the mutated form of it they have in southern asia, so humans arent going to get it. Im surprised that it didnt hit the west coast though because its closer to asia than the east and i would think they would do more trading with asia through the west coast, but whatever it hit the east coast first. No worries though, NJ air polution will probably kill the birds before they can effect the people =)
While it is a little disturbing at first that it has come to the U.S. (Something that I didn't think would happen, at least not until the flu was more widespread.) It isn't a highly dangerous form of the flu, so in a way its acually a good thing. More work and research will go in to finding a cure for the flu, so it might be stopped faster, thus avoiding a large epidemic. I'll hold my final judgments until after more news is released on it though. Wink
this is all being blown out of proportion by the media. This "bird flu" has only been found to have infected some 200+ people worldwide, in this country alone hundreds die every single year to the "normal" strains of the flu, and tens of thousands are infected and lose time from work. The worldwide figures for influenza infections and death as a result yearly are staggering. In the US the Center for Disease Control is hard pressed every year trying to figure out which strain of the flu will hit the hardest and tries to make a vaccine for that one particular strain...there is no way to produce a vaccine for all strains.

So put on your gas masks if you want...but your going to feel very silly when you get home and take it off and a member of your family, or a friend that only eats vegtables (no birds), infects you with the "common" variety of influenza.
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