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Jazz drummers

Jazz is not just melody or harmony. The rhythm is also essential. Drummers make all the difference.
Max Roach and Dave Weckl are fantastic drummers.
Tell your opinion or give other names of fantastic drummers...
Chip Ritter and Anton Fig aren't all about jazz but they are amazing drummers. I saw Chip juggle and play his drums at the same time and Anton plays in the CBS orchestra on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Gene Krupa is the legend.

When you listen what that guy played some sixty, seventy years ago, you cannot understand how mankind can produce some "musicians" nowadays, how we didn't evolve in music far, far away from that...
Gene Krupa works are yet unknown for me, but I just made some searches that say the man was really important for jazz.
Crasso words reminded me another great jazz musician, Art Tatum. A legendary piano player that could do everything with the instrument. Very fast hands, keeping accuracy and jazz mood.
Hopefully I'll get a good Gene Krupa recording. It's a pitty that many "old" recordings are damaged or in bad shape (that happens with some Art Tatum recordings).
Dennis Chambers, dave weckl is good, gumbi ortiz
I recommend these recordings:

Dave Weckl Band - Multiplicity - 2005; and particularly "Watch your step"
Max Roach - Deeds, not words
Max Roach - Drums unlimited
Max Roach, Abdullah Ibrahim - Streams of consciousness

Now it's your turn. Specify the recordings that are worth listening.

Phileplanet, Crasso, Shr3dd, thanks for your suggestions. What particular recordings of the fantastic drummers you named shall I search ?
I really like the drummers people are talking about on this forum, but I think there is many drummers (jazz or any style) that lack the media coverage guys like Weckl, Chambers, Colaiuta and the like enjoy and have tremoundous talent. What are you guys thinking about Jorge Rossi, Jim Black, Kenny Wollesen, Marc Miralta... ?
Well, I've never heard about the new names you mentioned, so I'll make some searches. What styles are their music linked?

Yes, media coverage is very small, but, as usual, many talented people are aside from commercial success.

If you watch a soccer game with average teams, sometimes you might see an "artistic" player that remain unknown to almost all the people.

I'm glad this topic has had good contributions. Thanks!

I only can answer with the names I know: Weckl's music is very powerfull, filled with a lot of styles that change and play with each other. I can say the same about Max Roach, but Weckl has new sources of inspiration. Weckl can do it fast without making noise, even when others are also playing fast. He is a master of "dynamics feel", or, in other words, volume and attack of drums are continuously changing, so music is a discovery. If you listen the tracks back again, you'll probably find new interesting features. But don't forget Max Roach, his music style is unique. Perhaps might sound sometimes dated, which is not a bad thing: It's the best jazz at the time he was "on fire".
This reminds me Jimmy Hendrix when he was "on fire" and incinerated his beloved guitar. Laughing
I really dig the older sound of the jazz drummers, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Paul Motian, Ed Blackwell wich I learned to love by studying the classic jazz records by Miles, Coltrane, Cherry and the like. I also love the "fusion" drummers like Gadd, Weckl and Vinnie. I grew up listening to their powerful statements on pop and jazz records alike. But the ones I like the most are the younger drummers that althought deeply rooted in the jazz idiom, incorporate a more modern approach. Again so many talented individuals. Jeff "Tain" Watt, Mark Guiliana, Brain Blade. Most of these drummers come from a jazz background/education but they are equally at ease with pop records.
I'm listening Joshua Redman's Elastic with Brian Blade on the drums and Sam Yahel on the keys. Good "modern" recording.
There is a bunch of great drummers on this record: Jeff Ballard and ?uestlove are amazing too...
has any one heard of tony royster jnr he's crazy only like nine years old on the video i recomend watchin his video search for him on google Tony Royster Jnr .....
Hey this is a really cool topic, I dont know jazz drummers that well but I think that jazz requires a musical intuition that goes unmatched by any other genre. I'm interested to check out some of the names you guys have been mentioning. Great stuff.
I saw Buddy Rich play in USA in 1986. He really drove the band...

Of course, he had to do his usual "take a hike, bass player", showpiece, but other than that - worth a look.
buddy rich....he never had a drum lesson in his life, but invented half the drumming tricks in the book. I have a few lionel hampton records featuring him. absolutely superb!!!!
antonio sanchez from pat metheney band ... Just watched him doing solo few days ago ... phew, that was one of the best solo i ve seen
Good to see this topic is still alive!
New musicians are being added. But can be better. Tell also the recordings and tracks.
So others may search and listen and then give their opinion.

It's good to see that drummers aren't confined to a "style", say jazz, rock, heavy metal, latin, brazilian, ... That gives more color to the sound.

I already gave my suggestions in a previous post. Now it's your turn. You won't waste any ink on it Laughing
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