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Windows XP Hibernation Question

Alright everyone,

I have Hibernation enabled on this computer (I'm on Windows XP Professional), yet I never knew how to use it until this day.

When I was reading my book "Laptops For Dummies", I learned that you have to press the SHIFT key in the Shutdown dialog box to make the "Stand By" to switch to "Hibernate", as shown :

Normal shutdown screen, showing the "Stand By" option on the left.

When pressing the SHIFT key, "Stand By" switches to "Hibernate".

The question that I have for all of you is this :

When I was doing a repair for a PC the other day, the person that I was doing it for had a brand new Sony Vaio laptop that was only about a week old. When I did a few quick Windows Updates for her (as a favor), I seen that there were 4 icons (side-by-side) showing, which includes the "Stand By", "Hibernate", "Shut Down", and "Restart". When I searched Google for a screenshot or instructions on to display all four at once, I found not one thing. Can anyone refer me to an article on how to make all four of these icons show simotaniously ? If anyone would be so kind to post a screenshot of the same thing that I'm describing if your system does this, that would be great.

This is driving me nuts, I'm sitting here pulling my hair out.

(If anyone was interested in giving the new thing I found out a go, make sure that Hibernation mode is turned on in the Power Options in your Control Panel).

- Mike.
I knew the "shift" thing for long time now but never came across four buttons at once....even I'm curious to know how can that be done.....someone please reply....
Okay, I just wanted to announce this here. I'm going to go back to that house tomorrow evening because I still need to finish that job (I had to buy some equipment for it and have been busy all week), so when I'm over there, I'll go on her laptop again (with permission of course) and screenshot what I'm describing. Hopefully that will help with finding out how to add that 4th option in the shutdown dialog box. When I do, I'll post it on here.

- Mike.
if u have a atx cabinet try this trick:

right click on destop>go to screensavers tab>power>advanced>when i press power button on my computer>select hibernate>click OK

now to hibernate just press the power button
dunno how to make the 4 icons appear there simultaneously (not yet atleast) but i do know that you can get your computer to hibernate by just pressing 'h' when confronted with the shut down dialog

(just like 's' is for stand by, 'u' is for shut down and 'r' is for restart)
Okay, I went over to that house again and finished my job. When I was doing a quick upgrade on the laptop, I snapped a screenshot of what I was asking about in the first place.

Now I want to find this out - how is it possible to show all 4 icons at once on this ?

Thanks again. Smile

- Mike.
I still don't get why you want all four icons to show up at once. It's no point. You can just press the shift key to hibernate...
I would like to know, not that its essential to know, just the fact that there is something there that I dont know, that I can learn to do, makes me want to learn more.

I think this is the case with a lot pf people on here.

Its the same thing as changing your background, you dont have to do it, theres no true point in it other than personalizing your system.

That taskbar is bloody cluttered..

I wonder how she manages to run the system with any respectable speed
It's a hotfix from MS. I believe that it is scheduled to be in SP3 but hey who knows. Check out this article,

You just call MS support (800-936-5700 iirc), and tell them you need hotfix KB893056. Once it's installed, you probably need to make the registry edit listed in that article. They are even open today until 6pm EST.
scorpio wrote:
That taskbar is bloody cluttered..

I wonder how she manages to run the system with any respectable speed

I think most of that came pre-installed on her computer when she got it (it's a Sony Vaio that's only a few weeks old). Dunno, but the only thing I done to it was that screenshot and adding a USB mouse, as a small side favor. It's a Centrino 1.7GHz machine, 100GB HDD, a DVD burner, and 1GB of RAM if I looked at the stickers on the unit correctly.

And thank you for pointing us to that Microsoft support page, I'll definately check into it. Smile

- Mike.
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