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Compaq Presario V2000 Laptop

Does anyone have one?
jarred89 wrote:
Does anyone have one?

You couldn't force me to buy HP products at gunpoint
HP computers are crap but their printers rock!
jarred89 wrote:
Does anyone have one?

I have one!!

lukeropro wrote:
HP computers are crap but their printers rock!

They are pretty good. Why does people have this prejudice against HP?? But they aren't as good as custom build ones.
Personally I don't like HP because I do tech support for Windows XP.
Probably 90% of the calls I get are HP. The thing that I hate the most about HP isnt the hardware, it's the reinstallation's garbage!
Because of the install method they use (image files) They basically neuter the operating system. There are soooo many things troubleshooting wise, that you cannot do on an HP because of the crap reinstall media.

Let me give you an example..if I have a computer with a 0xED stop error (unmountable boot volume), I can fix it easily by booting to recovery console and running a chkdsk /p (provided it isnt caused by a hardware failure) and in a couple minutes, it's fixed.

Well take that same error on an HP box..oh wait, because of the cd's (that you may or may not have) you can't boot to recovery console! So at that point we need to download 6 boot disk floppies to get to recovery console and if your pc doesnt have a floppy drive, it's possible that you may need to reinstall the OS for a problem that can normally be fixed in 2 minutes.

That's not to mention other things like the ancient 16bit drivers that HP uses on their printers and scanners, the fact that they were shipping pc's with service pack 2 that had imaging software that was installed that was known to be incompatable with SP2 (yes it took them almost a year to update HP image zone that had a few issues with SP2). Oh yes and the really good one...shipping pc's with SATA drives and no floppy drive so if you wanted to upgrade the OS, you couldn't because you had no way to install the SATA drivers during setup (Actually Dell did that one too)

The only thing that I personally think HP's are good for, are computer newbies who don't know how to install their own drivers etc, because the recovery media does it all for you, where a retail copy of XP may not depending on your hardware.

IMO hardware wise, they arent bad pc's, it's the software that I don't like.
No I don't have one, but I do have several HP printers (sorta ancient by today's standards, but all work). I trust them for printers over any other brand (Lexmark, Canon, etc). If I get a computer from HP for free (or cheap), then it's probably not bad. If I were to buy new, I wouldn't, I would build one of my own (I'm referring to desktop machines).

- Mike.
yeah I had one old HP laserjet printer for over 10 years and it's still working now. My parents threw it away cos it's too old and bought a new hp psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one and it rocks.
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