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is it just me? or are they insane?

My sister got a new boyfriend, and it was his first time in our house.

So, he sleeps here over the nigh, and here this morning, i go down for some breakfreast, and the first thing i see, is my sister as goes to the toilet, 100% naked, when she got back in, i go over, and i can hear he is there.

it's not a prove, but a big clue as keep over 80 %

( i had my reasons for hateing him, and now they just stick closer)

well, is this normal, that a girl take her boyfriend home for the first time, and ****** in the night... he is not the only one, here in december, she got something, and no , not from her boyfriend,

so, is it her, or him?

should i hope that santa gives me a dersert eagle so i can go blow his balls off (or buy some ilegal fireworks) muhaha newyear accident

or is it just me, as is over reacting, i dont know him, so i don't like him, and if he did need first aid in a trafik chaos, i wuld rater go help a very big fat woman as stink of womit and fishes as lay beside him.

it gonna make me trow up
Alright easy there big guy!! Let me ask a couple of fundamental questions just so we know what we are dealing with here?
1. How old is this sister of yours
2. Are you her older or younger brother
3. What is your living arrangement? At home with the parents or share an apartment somewhere, etc.

let me say this, assuming she is no younger than 21 and not living at home - I wouldn't go so far as calling her a ****** or thinking of her one. This is her boyfriend after all, not some guy off the street she met last night, and I assume they have been seeing eachother for a while. Even if they haven't she still has every right to see who ever she wants do what she wants with them. however, she should also respect your space and your feelings. She should understand that she is not alone in the house and somethings may make you uncomfortable - like her tip-toeing naked all over the place!

it is important that you make her aware of this and not keep it botted up inside.

You really don't like this guy do you? That's cool, but don't let your distaste of this guy go over on to your sister. he may be a bum but don't let that make you hate your sister. you guys should talk it over and sort it out.

Again this is assuming she is an adult who can be reasoned with! If however, you guys happen to be staying at home and your parents were there as well then the answer to your original question is yes and no. Yes they are insane and no she is still not a ******!
first off let me say that your protectivness towards is very natural...and in this case comendable, but you must realize your sister has to be her own person and seek her happiness...even at the expense of making you a little unhappy. I am sure she is not out to hurt you in any way, it seems that if she was that kind of more than likely wouldn't be so protective Wink

Your sister is only human my friend, and we ALL seek comfort in some way. When your sister moves out, she will be gone from immediate sight yes...but your not going to lose her. Try to be her friend and support her, if she has made a mistake with this guy she is now seeing...she will need you to help her deal with it...and if he hurts her THEN go looking for that Desert Eagle Wink

For the record...I have never liked anyone my sister has dated.
yeah man just tell your sister that you know about it and then see what she says. If she is sorry for it, let her go but if she tells you to mind your own business, then just forget about her and leave caring for her.
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Thanks everybody, but lyndonray is also a bit right, but to explain it, i give ya a sec of my live story. 15 , saw my sister for the first time as 12 year old, she have allways been there for me, and so have i for her.

she is 21, 4 years and 11 months older than me
she have been liveing 94 miles away in a half year, for studying jury, as she did give up, in that time i did miss her alot.

it's not like my bing brother, because he have allways been careful, and i know him more then my sis

so when she moves away, then is it like a lose for me, because, it wont be possible to see her that much, i have allways helper her with alot of stuff, but we havn't really talked, we dont really share the same interest

she is liveing home, still, well first i actually would say, he is UGLY, 2 but got a calm voice. 1 point... of 10000

but it really makes me angry that , they migh have ****** the first time home, come on, it a bit fast, he just got home from frence, and she was down there in a week. it makes me lose it, at least i make my anger been used in football

he is a ski ing freak, and common to her last 2 boyfriends, = sport. the last one did use more time on sport then her, so she did break up (after a long time...) i didn't know, but he was still after her, if i did know, would i have made him a bit more cool, se is also one as goes to party and get drunk home at 4 am and need to throw up, and once in december she had sex, not a boyfriend,

i want her to have it good, and be happy, because then am i happy, but she is 21, but still like a teenager , trust me, i was just going over to a friend to talk to him before we should to a big party, they had a mini party, so i did walk in, but girls drunk nerly falling over everything in the entrance, and a man tuching anorther girls brest, and paying with them, in front of.. how maney was we ? 25 - 30.

i know that girls want some bad boys (even that they say they want nice boys, yea right, you just go ****** all them as got dust or weed and drive ilegal on scooters)

my dad is in germany 5 days of a week, earning big money, hehe, so im the only man here, and i take some responsibility, i dont dirnk more then whats is controlled, i don't smoke anything , i don't starts fight, im cool and you can say anything about me, and it hard to get me fighting, but if anyone trys tuching me or my famely, im right in the face of the person.
i take care of some stuff, help my sister moveing and even discusing dress, sometimes... my famely shall be safe, and have a good time

don't say i take to much responsibility, i just keep an eye on the stuff, ex: i did't go into my sisters room yester day evening when they was together, i respect her privacy, but some stuffi just dont agree with.

well i wont tell it to her, because i know that she make the chouice self, i might could like him in time, i just gotta know him some more

let me give you all a exsample on how i look at it.

lets say, they make a joke about she is death, and i then get my ass over there, and she alive, i would not do anything to her, but i would kick him in his face, balls, maybe break his nose, because he is her boyfriend, if it just was a man i didn't know at all, would i break his fingers too

it's at mix for anger, sadnes, fear, and missing,

it was easy with my brother, because , it's all about knowing the man, actually, his girlfriend takes a bit care of him, haha.

well , it will come over it, i might just be to sensentive, but she have allways been there for me, so i care about her, alot
toughtrio wrote:
yeah man just tell your sister that you know about it and then see what she says. If she is sorry for it, let her go but if she tells you to mind your own business, then just forget about her and leave caring for her.

well... cant, i respect her privacy, and i would still care for her, she is 21, so i will keep my thoughts for my self, it's named keepeing low profile

because, i think it might be me as is a bit to sensitive

by the way, that hore stuff about my sister, i didn't really mean it, i just had to write it.

edit: a good part of forums and friends from overall of the world in msn (special msn), it's a good support we can get from each others
Well, my sister is 6 years older than me. (20-26) And i never had a problem with her sexual life.Come one ppl, everyone knows or suspects that his/her sister is f***ing wild.The only think that i have asked my sister is that she makes sure that i do not get to see her having sex.I Do not mind knowing it (even discusing it sometimes) but i prefair not to accidentaly see her on "action"
yea, but womens sould try so be more serious instead of playing , i cant count how maney problems we hear about womes today, they get pragnent, why downt want a baby, but thir mind is so twisted that they wont get a abort (come on, we eat eggs, that is alot more laughter that a singel abort) then their boyfriend ****** off (ok i understand them a bit, but that is a bad way to sovel it)

its womes as drive worst, they cant take as much drinking then men, womens get attacked by bla bla bla and ex bf, womens get raped (i have only heard of one boy, to bad that it was a gay man as did rape him) most womens die in trafic on bike by being droven over of a truck

you can hear it anywhere, in tv, radio, on the street, bars, from firends, and nerly everyday.

i know some men can be wild too, but i dont think they do this,

use a hour, with putting wierd smelleing painted (s***) chermicals in theire head,
listing to a man singing about one his loves, where it just sounds like his dick is getting cutted off (James blund)
or just bad singers as brian rice (danish, what a freaking shame, we should kick him out of the contry)
while they then, put on a clothes flip (ok girls, some of them looks good, but i don't need your openion for clothes to boys) (worse day shopping with my sis)

then do they, so over to a frind (girl) and drink some wine and vodka, where they next meet up with a groop of men ,where they get more drunk, and get home 4 am of not later... well look back to december, it gotta be something like that, as happned, before she did f*** (unknowen)

lol, sometimes i think it's funny of what trubble girls can get ,and all that, and sometimes, they are shakeing thier head (the no way) while they are giveing a YES it is answear in a discus, and all that they say, haha

like, HAHA, haha, like, when my sister wants to have with, my sister come and ask about the tomato is a vegtabel or a fruit
i say, before my dad, that it is a vegtabel, and she says i coudn't know that, lol, 1 i did learn that long time ago, 2 i did read about that the same week in bioligy., but she did insist on i not did know, that, then my did gave me right, HAHAHA,
and that she did beak her mothers engine, because she could not figure out how to get water and oil on the car HAHAHAHA

they might be good in school, but, haha in real life, hahaha, i gues it would be a chaos without men, hahahaha
Yeah, I never really understood the problem guys have with their sisters being sexually active. My sisters were a few years younger and I knew they were fooling around in High School, but it never occured to me t be upset about it. Some of their boyfriends were ... well, my sisters could have done better, but that was their call. I might have said "hey, Bobo is a**hole", but I wasn't phased by the sex lthing. For some reason I was more worried about them being with losers than what they were doing. Might have been the times, I guess.
well, i know girls on our school,. they are crazy too, only one, is a bit normal, she in or class and she takes highschool next year, i take 10 grade, because i want to be more sure in my stuff before i take high school, then can i get betters points and more job abillity

but in a big areal, the best girl gonna be my sister, lol,

i will probetly first find a girl i want in highschool, one i think i migh could trust, my dads brothert allwasy ask me if it got one, but really, it annoys me a bit, because ,yes i want one, but i don't fell readdy for getting a girl as get together, and then break up because of another boy she likes more... bahh, he cant be legal. lol

i have a question, and that is most for the girls.

if a girl gets together with a "bad boy" what would she think about men and the live if she break up with him, like, i shouden't have wasted time on people as them or was it okay, just needed to find another?

anything learned from it ???

this topic is changeing to, girls realationships general, don't you think ?

and please boys, don't do such a disgusting think like my sister and her boyfriend migh have done, wait at least to day 2
wee... i got nominated to be a dario (mr. nice guy) on the school, and i dont got a GF, haha, they wants bad boys, haha, but i also got nominated for the best fight with a friend. same town, same school, same caln, we did talk about it, and well, we will try to make it as worse as possible on monday, it have allways been a tradition for us to kick each others but, so we need to win
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