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More DMCA annoyances

Bush’s amigo Antonio has been getting quite a bit of coverage lately over his computer-crime-prosecution friendly legislation, including tougher child porn laws and more stringent policies for ISP’s regarding how long they keep their logs. However, Antonio has proposed a revision to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which would make it illegal to remove any sort of copy protection for digital media within the US, including DVD’s and CD’s. Also, it would be a FEDERAL OFFENSE to do so, and it would be illegal to have something like DVD Decrypter or Alcohol 120% on your system. I feel this is a blatant abuse of legislative power, and will further hamper my existence, just like Bill Clinton’s dreaded federal communications act of the 1990’s which forced public places to lock down their computers.
but that doesnot mean that they can search eacha nd every pc in the states for such programs or anyone abusing the laws. I dont think so many will listen to it, but if they get caught, they are gone.
yea i think it's a little harsh, especially since shoplifting etc. are misdemeaners (sp?) which is pretty much the equivalent of copying cds/dvds
It is completely out of line, but that's not really at all surprising. Bush is loyal. When big business buys him, he says bought no matter what the citizens he should be serving want. Ah, well... I'm counting the days until we get to vote in some new travesty.
Man oh man... there's gonna be a lot of prisons built, huh?

Wonder where they'll find the land, what with all the housing developments & shopping centers going up?

Guess they'll have to take some of those golf courses, huh? Wink
nd it would be illegal to have something like DVD Decrypter or Alcohol 120% on your system

What about making a copy of the movies you bought for personal usage like backup?

Or what about using them for uncopyrighted videos, like movies made by friends?

They should be suing the illegal use of the programs, not owning the programs itself.

I don't understand that while it's perfectly legal for everyone including psychopaths to own a gun, made with a purpose to kill people, that such programs are supposed to become illegal. (I mean in the USA)
Even if this law passes, A Computer that never had any contact with the internet and is isolated from the world will never be caught.

example: One computer downloads, The other burns when it is transferred by a external hard drive.

They certainly cannot get into the isolated computer. Plus it's existence can easily be denied since there is no real hard proof especially the if device is a Clone PC in which all the pieces where bought piece by piece.
Yes, I'm truly annoyed by this prospect as well. We need better gun control and immigration laws, not "anti-piracy" crap. Ah, the us legal system...
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