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World war 2 and generally world History

anders aka sensei
Is there anyone out there who likes to read, collect stuf and a lot of other things from world war 2?
And do anyone one like spending time learning og just researching about the worlds history fx. Alexander the Great and Hellas and the roman empire?
I like reading a little of world history, but I'm actually more into military history of the world. I just started subscribing to magazines that relate to military powers, military minds, the works. That does include some of WWII history btw. Cool I'm not really an expert yet though, but I hope to be.

BTW, my grandfather served in the Army on the Polish front as a Major and my dad decided to keep all his medals, documents, and pictures after he died a few years ago (bless his soul.) You can say I have a small collection of WWII items Wink
I love world history, lots to learn from the past...
I'm a big history buff, especially American Civil War and WWII. I love to read whatever I can find on the subject. I just wish I had more time to actually read.
i am huge fan of WWII history especially the five star generals like Eisenhower, Nimitz, McArthur and Patten. Love reading and watching documentaries on how they tried to outwit their German and Japanese counter-parts. Those were very interesting times that we can learn a lot from.

One has to ask what would have happened had Japan not attacked Pearl Harbour? When, if ever, would the U.S. have entered the war? Because it seems entry was inevitable, all that was needed was a trigger-effect. How far would the Nazis have gotten in their quest for european domination. And what about the Japanese?
WWII is my favourite war!
Whenever the news comes on and rants about the total death toll in Iraq I always think, how many times more soldiers died on Normandy alone than in the entire Iraq war...
ocalhoun wrote:
WWII is my favourite war!

maybe its just me, but that doesn't quite sound right. it's funny as hell!!

I understand what you meant though. It's the biggest war the world has ever seen. Hopefully the world will never experience anything like that again.
i prefer politics than history. because i think history books are written by people and history is developed by us. Politics is where I can practice my knowledge how the world is running. and that is of much fun.
I like history very much!
I also like reading ancient history like Alexander the Great, about Hellenic ancient history (I would like to remind you that i am from Greece), about roman empire and later history (WW2 etc).
was hitler really homosexual?? Razz
zogeth wrote:
was hitler really homosexual?? Razz

He had a mistress.
I like to read about the world history, or watch it on discovery, history or other channels like that.
I am not that interested in world war two or the first one. My interest is for things that are older than that. Like the roman empire, old kings and most things that happen a long time ago.

What I enjoy the most is finding out about the history of Henrik VIII and other things that happened around that time
Hey, im form Germany and im also interested in reading about the 2. world war. Im 15 years old and we've already learned a lot about this topic, especially about the cruel story of the persecution of Jewish people...
Re: To this thread in general, I suppose

Y'know, I'm rather glad that I found this thread. I'm really saying this out of naivete or anything but I guess I'm just glad that I'm not the only one would finds war history interesting, especially WWII, Vietnam War, Cold War (not exactly a "war" that I'm well aware of), and China's civil wars. I've told my friends before that I always get this weird, almost horrified look from them as if I've grown seven heads. All beastly and grotesque, with the ghostly form of Satan hovering right next to me. With warts mind you. *laugh*

Of course, that facial expression also might be triggered by the fact that I said genocides interest me though. Extreme morbidi fascination, if you will? ...Am I scaring people now? Probably. *laugh* No, I am not in any twisted, psychotic mood (nor will I ever be) to go and kill a mass of people... Just that, reading such things make you less ignorant about the world and all that. Okay... I'm trailing off topic now. *sweatdrop*

Ah, yes, I also forget to mention that the American Civil War and WWI interests me. Hm... it's nice to know I'm not the only one with seven heads though. *grin* *pause* Just kidding. *laugh*

-- scryoko

Re: sinusweb (a "P.S." I suppose... somehow I had missed sinusweb's post... *sweatdrop*)

Hey, im form Germany and im also interested in reading about the 2. world war. Im 15 years old and we've already learned a lot about this topic, especially about the cruel story of the persecution of Jewish people...

Yeah, it was horrific... But you know... about half that had gotten murdered (because they got murdered and not simply killed...) were the Jewish people and about the other half were Gypsies, homosexuals, rebels, the old and the young and so many other people that we should not forget about either. But yeah... tragic is what it is. And perhaps that's even too light of a word to use...
Me and some friends collect tin-soldiers and we sometimes act out big fights during different wars. Like El Alamein for example. And we try to come up with strategies to make those who lost win.

I am very interested in WW2 and the whole nazism thing.
Not than I'm a nazi, I'm just interested in it.
My uncle collects lots of stuff from wars so i have some. got a 1945 spitfire bullet which he found on a field and a few more pieces he HAS LOAAADS
I like all kinds of history. But a profound interest in and an in-depth knowledge of history, and $1.25, will get you a cup of coffee.
I glad to study everithing about the Pacific campaign in the Second World War, but also I had some interest in the ETO, to my worries, in my coutry, Mexico, the local dictator is following the nazi steps one by one, practically rewriting the Goebbels textbook.
I like to read about world war 2. I got a little collection of books about ww2 which were written by Soviet authors.
Well ... I'm from POland, and here where I live WW2 history is MUST to know. We have it in primary shool, something calleg gimnasium and high shool Smile
I liked to learn about WW2 because in most of cases there was a lot about my country (that's where the war started).

By the way ... COmpany of Heroes is realy nice game about WW2 Smile
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