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Adventure games?

Do you like Adventure type games?
 78%  [ 18 ]
 13%  [ 3 ]
Never played em
 8%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 23

Ghost Face
I can't stand them honestly, but they're just not my style of gaming. I prefer... action? Heh.

The 'adventure' style I'm talking about is like Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Myst..

I've only played Full Throttle and I only beat because my friend was giving me hints most of the way.

Does anyone like "Adventure" style games?
Ahh, I miss Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. Some of Tim Schaffer's masterpieces. You can't really appreciate gaming without recognizing all that Schaffer has done. I'm just sad that Psychonauts did not sell very well. Everyone, go buy Psychonauts right now! It's a great game!!!

Monkey Island & Grim Fandango are masterpieces. I enjoy adventure games, sometimes not. I'm gonna give Dreamfall:The Longest Journey a try, maybe it will relive the past.
I've heard that the old adventure games are the best.. Too bad I can no longer get hold of them..

But my personal favourite is Gabriel Knight 3. Didn't get to try GK2 and GK1 Crying or Very sad
Game Fortress
I think Spyro (the first one) was the best adventure game I have played.
You can always play old Adventure Games like 'Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis', 'Monkey Island', 'Full Throttle' and lots more using SCUMMVM, an emulator that works in almost any operating system.

You can go to to get the FREE software and in that same page you can download some Freeware Adventure Games.

These days people like 3D Action games where they should use a lot their fingers and just a bit their brains, but in the past things were different, you were forced to think first (More brain usage less finger damage). Twisted Evil
Full throttle... I remember that... It was awesome... When i started playing it, it was the _best_ graphics i had ever seen - i felt it might been almost reallife... With time tho - i learned otherwise Smile
Dude, these games are so dull. Confused I've played maybe one adventure game in my whole life and I thought it was boring. I'm more of an action/adventure guy, kind of like Zelda. Razz
superbyte wrote:

You can go to to get the FREE software and in that same page you can download some Freeware Adventure Games.

Omigosh, I LOVE YOU! Thank you sooooooooo much for the link!

PS: Any idea if games like Day of the tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Gabriel Knight 1 can be downloaded too?
Aahhh... Day of the Tentacle, Zak McKracken & The Alien Mindbenders, Loom(!!!) - good old game. They catch you not by fancy graphics or stunning sound but by storyline and subtle humor. And they all have original core idea Exclamation Exclamation

oakstic wrote:
PS: Any idea if games like Day of the tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Gabriel Knight 1 can be downloaded too?

You can try The page is on russian, but the games itself is english (with the exception of few).
I've been playing "Phoenix wright" for the DS for a while (it's a text based adventure game). It's a lot of fun to play it, the story is about a defense attorney called "Phoenix Wright". The objective of each case is to prove Phoenix's client isn't guilty (of murder) and you have to find the real person who committed the murder. I know it sounds boring but it's actually very interresting...
Ghost Face
My friend wants Grim Fandango soo bad. Does anyone know where he can download it?

It's the first time google has ever failed me..
Im a bit surprised no one mentioned the Broken sword serie. Im pretty certain that is also considered an adventure game. Not long ago they released the 4th episode of the game after lots of rumors there would only be made 3 games in that serie.
When it comes to game play , they are a bit like Myst with solving things to progress in the game. You have 2 main characters who walk around and have to solve riddles to make things work and all. They might be less dif then in Myst and here you can not only manipulate the surrounding but you can also talk to the other characters. The first 2 games were in 2D but the last 2 are 3D. In the last 2 there are scenes where you have to react a bit fast but that is the only real action in it. This game is next Myst still my favorite one.
Sam and Max anyone?

Dunno if anyone tried the new series - I personally love 'em, but I can see why people are mildly disappointed. The original simply can't be beaten.
Aren't these kind of a dying breed? I love these old games, but nowadays there doesn't seem to be much in the genre...

I guess something I would put in this genre that's somewhat recent is Indigo Prophecy. I really enjoyed that game.It was just like, so messed up.
I think there is a new serie of adventure games on the market now.
The serie is named Delaware St.-John. So far the 3rd episode is available but I think they are planning to make bout 10 games around the main character. Would be a game like Broken sword and Monkey Island.
You can get the first 2 episodes in one box.
Has anyone seen them yet?
Chrono Cross in P.S. 1.

I really like that game and I finished it 2 times. I'm a fan of it.

I wish I had my P.S. 1 back... (Also in these days, I don't know where I can find that game in the mall... /sob)
The best adventure games ever made would be monkey island and sam and max!! monkey island is just a classic on ever level. And sam and max.. well.. I havnt played the news ones yet, which i really want to do, but the original was and always will be a great game, I even got a emulator that plays old adventure games, found my old copy of it, and put it on my psp. Only thing about it is on some PC's, the sound wont work right because its such an old dos game.

Another good one thats a classic is cyberia 1 and 2 (not sure how to spell it) but this was also for the computer, for dos and windows 95 i think.
if you consider zelda an adventure game, then yes, i do like them. i like games where you have alot of optional places that you can explore.
Zelda is a type of adventure game, but its not in the same type of adventure games as he is speaking of, hes talking more about the serria types (along with myst and others) but serria in my opinion was the king of adventure games. (tho sam and max was right up there)
Hmm... I rather don't like adventure games. I have played few but I prefer some actions games. Maybe some 3D adventure games(they are a little bit different than classic adventure games) are better but also not as interesting as other games.
Is Zelda able to be categorized as Adventure? It's an RPG for sure ... but yeah, OOT is my all time favorite of this genre. After that, it's pretty much Action oriented ...
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