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Freelancer - its still alive!

Freelancer, the game that was cutted down to the half of the original plan by m$ to speed up its release a few years ago ... i still play it and not, i play a mod called FreeWorld thats a totalconversion to starwars and there many other mods around more or less related to other scifi-universes!

r there others here around that still play this game - modded or not?
ahh i remeber playing this whit a friend a few years ago we whar traders well he whas and i protected hes cargo it whas greate fun to bad it whas so smal
i used to play it online... got to the maximum very quick lol.
i finished this game in single player maybe twice or more...
freelancer is a quite good game. I remember some long nights at the summer. I finnished the single player two times, now it's a long time ago...
didn't know, microsoft cut out the half of the game... this is very sad.
game was made by a company called digital anvil and they had great plans for it.

Microsoft bought it up speedreleased it and gimped the company sent the programmers to their own inhouse productions or something to that end.

Great game companys like bullfrog (syndicate) and digital anvil forever lost into EA games and MS Games......

The game itself was veeeeeeeeery nice i loved every second of it and the storyline was great, the graphics were stunning for its time specially when you flew into the ice nebulas.

Try it if you can find it! its a gem
i still actively play this game. Single player as well as multiplayer but mostly multiplayer. I've been playing it for about 3 1/2 years and i'm still not bored of it. I love it Very Happy
I've played this game to, played it alot.
I like to play this sort of games but the grapics of freelancer are a bit old now, so I tried X3 Reunion (demo). The graphics of that game are good, but I don't like the controls, the controls of freelancer are mush better.

I also played Freelancer online with an mod (I don't remember the name), all the original ships where there (plus some extra) and it was possible to buy an battleship which was fun.
I also played this for a while and I think this is one of the most underrated game! This game is one hell of an addictive and very immersive game especially if you are into galactic space combats! Smile
nice game it is! Smile
Nice game indeed. I really loved just going into space, killing some bandits, and exploring the space itself. I really like the nice graphics. Haven't played it online yet, but I think I should give it a go. Finished the single player campaign about 2 times now.
I played it, and loved it. I even ran my own server.

Think how fun it could be if MS decided to make a Freelancer II, and released it in big style - we only need 1/10 of the players WOW have to make our own litte universe.. Ahhh, what a beautifull dream.

But I'm afraid that time will outsail this good old friend, and that MS will not put any more resources into it. To sad.
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