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videao realisation

Hi everybody,

I'm new on this forum and I've seen that there is a place to say my hobbies. I like to shoot with my videocamera. It's really amazing. And best of all, it's the moment when you show your work to your friends and when they say that it's great.

If anabody share the same pleasure, I'd like to talk with him.
I am make videos too. I shoot with a Canon ZR70MC and then edit the footage on my iMac G4 using Final Cut Pro, then I burn them to a DVD with DVD Studio 2. I am just learning Final Cut Pro, which is pretty hard to work with at the beginning and I am also learning how to use this other program called LiveType, which creates these awesome text effects for movies. Moviemaking is a really cool hobby and I am glad to see another Frihoster shares the same passion.
Cool, other people who like to make movies! I personally like making Sci-Fi films. I've made two short Sci-Fi films to date, and myself and several friends are working on a script for a new film to make this summer. I have just an old Sony HandyCam Hi8 Videocamera. I've got a video capture card to get the stuff on my computer, then I use several different programs (Windows Movie Maker, Paint Dot NET, Movie Edit Pro, Anim8or) to edit and create the final film. It's great fun, except for the weeks of post-production Laughing .
I love video design too. I've just started making my first video in one of my university subjects and getting a hang of it. I use Final Cut Pro and Aftereffects. I really dont like Live Type because I don' t know how to use it properly and the effects were kinda cheesy. It was a pity i didn't get the opportunity to experiment with when I was younger - I now realise I like to specialise more in film &FX and I could have studied in a course which specialises more in film and visual effects than in the Graphic designing course I'm currently in! Nonetheless, u do need design skills to make films. I'm so envious of teenagers nowadays, they've got access to digicams. I remembered using a 35mm camera - so heavy to carry!

Recently, I helped in continuity in a student film production shoot. I had to make sure that all the actors look the same in every shot that the belts were in the right place and the hairs right etc. It was great experience seeing how everything had to be so organised, how everyone worked together in a team, the different roles in the team and how the blue screen studio was set up. It was interesting seein how the director worked and how he improvised as he discovered new ideas/ways for shootin the actors. But the only downside was early morning starts. I literally had to wake up at 4am in the morning to arrive at the studio at 7am. But apparently, its not as bad as other productions shootin outside. They literally have to START SHOOTING at first light! Crazy stuff eh?
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