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Scary Movie 4

Hey just outta curiosity I was wondering if anyone has seen it. I am thinking of seeing it but I'm not sure if I should cough up the money for it. So if anyone can give me a good reason I would greatly appriciate it. Thankyou a lot.
Proxy.Jumper wrote:
Hey just outta curiosity I was wondering if anyone has seen it. I am thinking of seeing it but I'm not sure if I should cough up the money for it. So if anyone can give me a good reason I would greatly appriciate it. Thankyou a lot.

I don't recomendet it to you! You should download it first.
I've heard mixed reviews from people I know. Some say it was the worst, others insist it was better than 2 and 3. The best thing to do is to go despite what people think because chances are all the things you heard are BS and the movie may be good, hopefully. I'm planning to go see it next week by the way.
The quality of the movies has degraded each movie in my opinion, the first one was one of the best but it just started to go downhill in 2 and 3 so it wouldn't suprise me if 4 was even worse than the others. I guess You never know though they could suprise us though.
ohh.. scary movie series are so awful.. but sometimes is very funny, i think.. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
I am one of the ones who think it was actually better than 2 and 3. The opening is just brilliant (A saw spoof with Dr. Phil as the doctor who needs to cut his leg off)
The War of the Worlds bit isn't all that, but the Village spoof is funny.
Leslie Nielsen returns as the president, and it's classic nielsen again.

Also a brilliant quote:

"I saw this face..."

"With a nose?"


"Hmm. Sounds like a face."
Scary Movie 4 is very boring film,but at times it's realy funny.
Scare Movie 1,2,3 was better.
I'm a HUGE fan of the cheap humour, so odds are that I'll love it. But people have been saying that 2 and 3 were better.

But I doubt it will top Date Movie - I doubt anything will.
I was disapointed...

I expected for a big movie, nice, and hillarious, but
it seemed like they had tried to much... =\
the tasteful people will love it..simply because just like scary movie 3, this one is toned down..

scary movie 1 and 2 were directed by the waynes brothers so it was raunchy as hell and both were rated r, but the new directors for 3, and 4 made it lame
I agree, it lacks so much that the Waynes aren't directing/acting, but I think it's better than the 3rd at least. It struck me that they didn't parodise as many movies this time around and the movie felt really short.

And the scenes with the president could be cut out all together, they didn't serve any purpose.
A complete waste of time and money
mrbofh wrote:
Proxy.Jumper wrote:
Hey just outta curiosity I was wondering if anyone has seen it. I am thinking of seeing it but I'm not sure if I should cough up the money for it. So if anyone can give me a good reason I would greatly appriciate it. Thankyou a lot.

I don't recomendet it to you! You should download it first.

Why go see it if you downloaded it? Perhaps you meant buy the DVD when it comes out?
Alan S
in all honesty i dont know how they've managed to pull off a 4th one , there pulling it a bit to far now but i wonder if we'll be seeing a scary movie 5 in the next few years i havnt been to see number 4 yet but i will go and see it or else i'll get it on dvd when it comes out
the kind of film I've been trying to watch several times but not more than a few minutes each time. Am I too old ???
I am really waiting for this movie. All the old 3 ones was really scary and mad. Looking to see this movie if I get some time. Otherwise I will wait for the DVD to come out.
Scary movie 1 and 2 rocked. when you watch them its hard not to piss your pants ive seen 3 and it was ok but lacked alot. i herd 4 sucks s dont go out and see it. wait for a better movie.
it is very good movie..
it is joking alot of other great movies and i love it so much
i saw it last mounth
i love the joke about saw2
I think the best part is the Saw flick, where Dr, Phile cuts off the wrong leg ROFL Laughing
Lol, this movie is pretty good but the older ones are ALOT better and more funny! Scary movie 4 is just a bunch of stupid things that people do!

Thinking of what "Kai" ( The guy above me ) said, made me laugh because thats like the only funny part !
After backtracking my memory, the part where Shaq shoots was damn funny! The movie disses how bad he is at free-throws XD!!
Scary moive 4
Genre: Comedy / Horror (make fun of other movies)

I have just watched few days ago and quite disappointed. Sad It's not as good/funny as previous episodes but I'm still looking forward for scary movie 5 Very Happy
I'm one of the ones who finds it better than all the others. Most likely because it has more of a plot than usual, and I enhoy serious films too. 2 was bad, that's all I can say..

"We're such a good couple, we're even finishing off each others-"
"No, I was gonna say sentances.."
Also hate this one, just wondering who watch a trash like that...
My advice: DON'T watch that movie. It's not even 80 minutes long and it's really boring, believe me.

I kinda liked the first Scary Movie, but the rest are just useless to me.

Anyway, my 2 cents...
Scarey Movie 4 is like so bad its not even funny Razz i liked the series upto scarey movie 2 but thats about it...they really screwed it up with 3 and 4 i mean its just so boring you dont even want to watch it past the first hour or so....the jokes are also not nearly as funny as the ones youd see in the earlier 2 ones.I suppose just that the first one did so well they kept going until they would dry out the franchise..and that they have done so congrats to them Razz
Haha, it has its times (I think I've only seen the first and third). I noticed if I actually care about not trying to laugh at the cheesy gimmicky stuff it does, then I don't enjoy it. But if I just let myself enjoy it despite it's utter cheesiness, I get a few good laughs out of certain scenes.
downloaded it from internet and regretted having done it...

not so funny and some scenes suck
One of the main reasons why the movie was so horrendous was because the two brothers, the Waynes Brothers; who produced the first set of Scary Movies and also did White Chicks, did not do the most recent Scary Movie - the guy who directed Airplane did.
this is interesting for me.

i watches this movie too. and i asked myself how stupid the producers could be and if maybe people of other countries have another houmor that i am too different. but your opinions disclaim my apprehension.

perhaps some small jokes were good but all in all it is boring i my mind. Rolling Eyes
Is this movie good though if you liked scary movie 3?

I'll probably rent it some time but just wanted to know.
I love this kind of humor and loved scarymovie 3. Scarymovie 4 wasn't , in my opinion, as good as the 3rd but still loved it. Very Happy
True, the humor cracks me up too but the 4th one wasn't as good because
a) they limited themselves to so very few movies
b) they tried to make the story make sense
the first scary movie was the best, subsequent sequels have just ended up in mindless movie bashing.

in the same vein scary movie-4 takes shots at M.Night Shyamalan's 'the village' and Tom Cruise's ''war of the worlds". Apart from these two they've tried to spoof a few more.

The movie has nothing much to offer except a few laughs occasionally but certainly not worth payin for it. get a download if you can and watch it along with the other parts on a lazy after noon...
Yeah I agree the first 3 movies were great this one was only good.They should have kept the Wayans Bros. in them.
2 and 4 are the best ones in my opinion, don't get me wrong I like very much the other 2 but I'm just crazy about the 2nd and 4th ones.
For me this movie sucks Evil or Very Mad

Jokes are really boring

don;t watch this movie Razz
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