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Stupid Support People

Have you ever called support for a computer or just some other random stuff and gotten that stupid person that you seem to know more about the product than they do? Well earlier today i called because of my old computer wasnt starting right and was getting the "blue screen of death". Well anyways i called just to see if i could save it at all. Well after about a little over an hour they just tell me to reformat it from which i was saying after 30 minutes of doing the same thing. So just thought id share my stupid support story, do you guys have any?
I have a couple stories but its late and im going to bed. Yea I know exactly what you mean about technical support, happens quite often with everyone, does it not? They help big time at some point in your life.
I called one software company for support because thier software wasn't working properly and I was told to refomat my computer and re-install thier product (the software is still sitting on the shelf).
i get what your saying. The hardware people always say to call the software people and the software people always say its something about the hardware. Its a never ending circle in which nothing gets solved and you have to figure it out yourself
I have a stupid story that i heard from my calculus teacher. One of her friends had called technical support one day b/c her computer was saying press any key. Once she had gotten ahold of one of the technicall support people she asked them that she couldn't find the any key. The the tech support person told her to take her computer apart put it back in the box and send it back because she was too stupid to use it anyway.

I am doing customer support in the company...I admit there are supporter who really stupid like the case you mentioned...they just sometimes ask me to reboot the computer @.@ or they would treat you like idiot....

Anyway, more the cases were that the communicate is not good... its quite true that every little steps the user process may have effected the problem...yet the point is. you sometime are reluctant to ask you client mention ALL steps behind the phone...its too stupid in some sense....could you see the dilemma?!
Itachi wrote:
I have a stupid story that i heard from my calculus teacher. One of her friends had called technical support one day b/c her computer was saying press any key. Once she had gotten ahold of one of the technicall support people she asked them that she couldn't find the any key. The the tech support person told her to take her computer apart put it back in the box and send it back because she was too stupid to use it anyway.


I hope she did as she was told. That kind of problem is usually classified as PEBCAK....Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard Very Happy
lol. some of these stupid things are just amazing! Laughing
I know wht you mean... once I bought some extra RAM memory, and after some time it simply didn't work. The so called support actually couldn't help so I went to another... and it turned out that the RAM the installed was second-hand and a bit broken. Well, at least now I know where not to buy my hardware.

I remember also a service guy telling me that my network card doesn't work because I had rebooted my computer after installing. (In his opinion I should have waited a few minutes to make the install complete). That's why I try to solve all the software problems on my own (usually it ends up formatting the system drive and reinstalling everything Razz), or if I get to any more serious problems I simply call my boyfriend. So far, he's the best technical support Wink
When we were changing webhost at work, I mailed our previous webhost and asked if we could access their mailserver a week or two after the transfer of the domain (in case some customer sent mail before dns were updated). The support then replied and told me to contact our new webhost about that...

I had to mail them two or three times more, teaching them about dns, before they understood what I meant.

I wonder if they are just stupid, or if they just pretended to be because I did not want to start the transfer before I was sure we would not miss any mail.
I had similar a few weeks back.
I am will ntl (broadband) as a provider and the connection went dead.

I phoned the help line, gave my post code, and a guy told me there was no problem in my area.

He went through all the usual shut-down, reset, wait 30 secs start-up again routines, that I think most people with computers these days know all about (thanks mainly Microsoft) that I had allready done.

Anyway after about 3/4 of an hour and setting up an engineer to call on me, he suddenly realised that there was a problem with thier system!

About 20 mins later it came back up.
I have been one of these Tech Support people for over 3 years now for various computer, DSL and customer service companies and speaking as someone who deals with a variety of people (4-45 customers per day) I must say that yes there are some very stupid Tech Support people out there.

Myself though I will join the customer in beating our heads on the computer desk trying to solve some problems but for the majority of customers that call in at my current position, they should box up their pc and go back to writing letters with a quill pen.

Owning a computer should be like a car, gun or business (a licence should be required).

I have gotten the internet is now working and I need it fixed now. This call came from a customer in Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina! I have gotten the internet is not working, I can not see anything on the screen....turn on the monitor ma'am....oh there we go...thank you. I have gotten the internet is not working, I ordered the wireless dsl response have you plugged in the it is wireless.

So for every Stupid Tech Support person please keep in mind that there are 1000 Stupid Computer Users that soak away our intelligence in some X-Files Reverse Osmosis telephone syphon and give us a break.

You guys need to check this site out. It's full of stories of stupid computer users, sellers, support, and etc.

The best one is the one about the guy who put butter in his floppy drive then called the software company to fix his computer.

About a third of the page down.
i would hate to work at customer support because people will call and waste your time with stupid questions that make no sense or ones that are etremely easy to solve. People you know always seem to do the best job when it comes to fixing stuff
I have been a tech support and customer service representative, and i say "YES" we sounds auto generated machines.
I'm hardly a genius when it comes to computers, but I really wonder where they find some of these "support" guys.

Recently, I had no internet. AFter trying everything I knew how to do, I called the ISPs tech support. (I live in the boonies, so our local ISP has some *ahem* problems, and the tech support guys are not so... technical.)
After holding for WAY too long, I got through.
I explained the problem, told him about my TCP/IP settings, etc.
He proceeded to lead me through step by step instructions (Close all your windows, click on the start button...) to restart my computer!!! (Grrr...) Then led me through the same agonizing, you must be a moron routine to check all the same settings I'd just quoted him.

After about 20 minutes (it took forever because HE led me step by step through "left click, NO right click..." type instructions...) He tells me, Oh, our service is down in your area. It will be up again at 2pm tomorrow.!!!!!!!
It's a good the we were on the phone, because if I could reach him, I think I'd have decked him!
I wonder how much he gets paid, hourly...
All they really do is read of a paper My cousin worked for a company like that in a call center you tell then what the problem and they just read off the paper on what you should do and if that doesnt work they go down to the paper and just read whatever it says after that.
well in my place the support person they hired are a bunch of stupid with very limited computer knowledge. i think they follow a guide book because everytime i call them all they know is just to tell me do the same thing no matter what the problem is if they find their ways are not working they go to their managers... so everytime i just ask for their managers
Okay, so one day I decided to increase my internet speed and called my ISP. I wasn't able to do it at the time because I was missing some information (the contract is on my father's name, meh).

The next day I called again, but the woman told me that I had to WRITE A LETTER to the company so they'd make the change. Like, WTF?? I wasn't convinced, so 1 hour later I called again. Guess what? The change was made in 15 minutes.

...Seriously, aren't the guys at tech support supposed to know how things are done around there?
of course!!

and i want to laugh!!

they are really stupid!
yah ive heard that all they do is search what it is in a computer they have and try and get it solved out. Then if your problem doesnt get solved, sometimes theres a "higher level tech support person" who actually knows a thing or two about the computer and they try and solve the problem, and if they cant solve the problem then you either reformat the computer or they send you a new part/you return the computer. Its terrible that they cant just hire people and teach them how a computer actually works
I still think "The IT Crowd" is an awesome show.

I especially liked the time they had a machine that would answer the phone and give the same generic answers for all the standard problems. I want one of those.
Sure, it's happened to me many times. I sometimes walk into the computer store at the mall (very conveinant) and know more than what they do about everything. I ask a question that I already know the answer to just for the amusement and to see if they know the answer to it.

This sorta reminds me of these 3 cartoons I seen online lol, you've gotta love em :


- Mike.
lol ive seen those before, they funny part is they are so true, and it makes me so mad. Right now im actually on hold for dell support because im calling cause i just did a system restore to see if something was true and it is. If you have bought a dell recently(dont know the exact time frame) your computer comes pre loaded with my way search whatever. Its supposed to help you, but in reality it is just spyware. Its a very cocky spyware which you can actually see in add/remove programs, but when you hit remove, it doesnt do anything. Yah so im calling and giving them my 2 cents and seeing how the plan to satisfy me and how to remove(i know how too, but i just like seeing my warranty work)
lol, alot of companys have really bad support on the telephone. Some people you can't even understand when they are talking to you. Its pretty annoying when you get on hold and listen to that GREAT music when waiting lol.....But yea, support for most businesses is really annoying.

Good Luck with Dell. That spyware you mentioned can be stopped from system access...most firewalls (except for M$'s version) will allow you either grant or deny program access to anything (internet, Start Menu, Program Files, etc.) that attempts to make a change to your pc..and some you can configure to grant "one time" access or complete (Trusted Zone) access.
9 times out of 10 i end up speaking to someone i cant understand...

and i have no shame askin to speak to someone i can... even then i get the most stupidist person ever and can tell they have there shoes on the wrong feet just by listning to the dribble there reading off the screen lol!


however there have been a few times when u get through to someone that actually knows wat there on about!

in that case i take there name and working hours!!!! lol Laughing
Scotty Too Hotty
well what can i say, i used to work for one of those tech companies, UOL internet in the states......i highly doubt any of you have it but if you did, im sorry.

Ive seen a lot of stuff, ive been in the support industry for about 3 years. Ive always said i should write a book on the stupid calls, and you know what i think i still might.

but to defend the agents....nevcermind i cant defend them. I really cant. Some of them are dumb as brikcs. I knowin our Company we have a test system set up which decides which line of business you would be in (Tech, Customer Service, Sales, Retention etc etc) and well that is only so good. But people do slip through
yea calling customer support sucks, whats even worse is customer service people. ever try to goto sears and ask for helP? seems like they hire just about anyone. the guy at sears i asked for help, said that i should work for sears because i seem to know more than him about his merchandise! wtf? customer support computer guys are guys who have a computer science degree who couldn't get a real computer job, but yea i feel u.
Arno v. Lumig
I once phoned an costumer support because I wanted to enable ICMP on my router. They told me to open every port above 255!! Even when I explained that ICMP is in an total different layer of the OSI model the TCP/IP so that it had nothing to do with ports they didn't believe me.

We had a 10 minute talk and then I hung up the phone. Sorry but I just can't stand dumb people who think they're smart.

Greetz, Arno
First, this job is not easy. Imagine your self 8 or 10 hours answering questions... asked by "stupid people"... you'll became lazy!

I think that we have to be more patient with phone assistants... put your self in their place... and imagine what you're gonna do to finish every day!
I once had a call from a person complaining of "fish on thier screen" (monitor), turns out they had a fish tank behind them.
its not that support agents are stuck there for 8-9 hours n become bored.. its that there just dumb / poorly educated or not trained!

simple as!

the thicker the person is the longer a caller is on the fone.. always wondered y they charge so much for the call?? to get extra money!
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