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The Billboard charts

As my musical tastes drift farther away from the mainstream, I look at the billboard charts with a mixture of fascination and horror. I just blogged my reaction to the top ten, and here are a few bits from the thing:

2. Various Artists/ Now 21 - Able to drink beer legally, Now That's What I Call Music! can go to those over twenty one shows these days. He comes back to cooperate headquarters so drunk that the CEO is considering dumping him for the more reliable Hits!

3. Toby Keith/ White Trash With Money - Yep, this guy is on the president's iPod. That said, I wonder if ODB is on Obama's iPod.


7. James Blunt/ Back To Bedlam - The single from this album is entitled “You’re Beautiful” and has worked it’s way into the hearts of girls everywhere. This just proves the power of complimenting women. In the interest of proving every feminine stereotype I hope his next single is “You Look Fat In That” and he looses all of his fans.


10. Pink/ I’m Not Dead - Because I’m cheep and didn’t put album covers on here, you can’t see that Pink is screaming at the camera taking this album’s cover photo. Looking at it makes me feel like someones up in my face yelling “I’M NOT DEAD I’M NOT DEAD I’M NOT DEAD.” Well Pink, I’m glad you are still breathing.

And then I end on a slightly different tangent:

My current favorite band, Spoon, hasn't charted yet, but they did get a car commercial.

You know what? Car commercials have embraced indie music more than the freaking Grammies. Compare that to the Oscars, where all but one of the best picture nominees this year were made outside the normal movie studios, and you realise what’s wrong. In other words, if the Grammy people did the Oscars The Island would have won best picture. You getting me?
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