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Sports in New Zealand

Since i'm verry interested in New Zealand i would like to know what kind of sports they have. I guess it's somehting like rugby and baseball, but is someone familiar with other kind of sports they have?
I have no idea about New Zealand sports, but I imagine that Cricket is popular as well as Soccer, but that is only a guess, seeing as I am an iggnorant American who doesn't really know about the world's cultures, except for my own.
Not being a New Zealander myself but I do know that Rugby Union is more of an institution as opposed to a sport. The national team is known as the All Blacks and they have been a dominant force in world rugby for many years.

With many competitions played there is no shortage of rugby to follow:
- The Tri-nations, between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, contested every year
- The Super 14, previously known as the Super 12, involving provincial teams from Austrlia, New Zealand and South Africa. Contested every year
- The local national leagues, every year
- The Bredisloe cup, played between Australia and New Zealand every year
- The world cup, contested every four years, which they have won more than any other nation.
- Almost every year they tour what is commonly known as the six nations teams for what is known in europe as the Autumn tests, usually played against England, Ireland, scotland, Wales and/or France.
- I am sure I am missing out on something but I can't think of it.

Of course I do not support New Zealand but I know most of this because South Africa have involvement in most of the above mentioned series'.

They also play other sports like rugby league (slightly different to Rugby union), cricket, netball, soccer, motor sport, athletics and many more.

Take a look at the follo0wing website for a better idea:
yeh im a NZer....... um rugby is basically the only sport people watch on tv in the winter..... rugby now goes nearly all year round tho now...... Also, cricket in the summer, those are the two main teams and sports people watch basically....... Mainly because we are the best at rugby (more or less) and pretty good at cricket

.... There is also netball, our womens team gets quite a lot of coverage because they are basically unbeatable at the moment

The most played sport is popular, although this is mainly due to parents wanting to protect their kids from rugby while they are younger.... Once children age to around 10 then there is generally a mass exodus to rugby

... We are alright at rugby league, although it seems it is pretty flukey for us to ever beat a team like Australia
yeah i'm a New Zealander or better known as a Kiwi. Rugby is the national sport and it is played everywhere in NZ, then theres Rugby League only played in the urban areas as well as Soccer/Football. We play all kinds of sport, golf, tennis, cricket, bowls, rowing, kayaking, sailing, netball even gridiron/ American Football (theres a couple of teams in Auckland), ice hockey, Aussie Rules (Australian Football) you name it we most probably play it...even tiddley winks, care for a game???
hahahaha yeh all sports are played over here, although not so many are supported as much, rugby and cricket are the main ones that the nation watches Wink
im a new zealander and i play sport there are heaps of differnet sports such as rugby hockey netball volleyball soccer and your average sprots
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