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Horse riders :D

I was wondering how many horse riders are out there?
I've been riding about 8 years and i recently got my first horse.
He's a 15.3hh bay thoroughbred gelding named Niko.
He's 9 going on 4. He's off the track and well, has race horse 'manners'.
Im competing him in dressage and show jumping over winter. Next summer i want to do some eventing and hunter classes.
I wont risk the horse's life by getting on one

I had horses until last year. My wife and I had a BAD experience and decided to get rid of them. I hated to but when you dont spent the time like you need, your never going to be an accomplished rider or have a good horse.

I had some good times riding. I camped like a real cowboy once and had a blast.

I had a Palamino Gelding who was kid broke and so so so lazy I had to dang near spur him all the time on the trail. he just lopped along like it was nobodys business.

I miss it but I dont miss all the hassle.
I have a 1992 AQHA

Jet Deck/THree Bars lines O.O

He's great fun.

He does some cool tricks like rearing when your on the ground and such.

He recently had to retire due to a horrific accident that hurt his back and left him unrideable. But the poor thing has been my rodeo (team roping...heeling) horse for the past 3 years and doesn't know what to do with himself when he doesn't get out atleast 4 times a week.

There he is playing and putting on some reining moves.
I only ride my horse rarely, although I have ridden her to work before when my truck sprung an unexpected oil leak.
i ride hunter and pleasure mostly, breed association style lol... i've got Paints and i LOVE them. Wink
When I was 4, I really like to ride a horse. But now I dont have much time to do it. I really like when the horse is running in the full speed, even if I've a bad experience when I do that.
i rode a pony once. Smile it was called. . kim, and it was white. that was a fun day ^.^

it was quite a few years ago, though.
When my horse was rideable I rode him though drivethroughs all of the time.

It was great.

Because he's so damn quiet, when you pull up to get your food, he sticks his face in there and the people go "OH SHIT WHAT THE ****** IS THAT!?"

But my other newly aquired horse is a 17 HH Belgian/Percheron named MOOSE.

Moose lookin sexay.

What a lovely transition into a lope. THat's what he does. Which is a.) reason to why I can't show him.

The ONE PUDDLE IN THE ARENA. And he finds it.

He is such a cool color - that dun with black points. He's a fun boy.
We have had horses for many years and just love them. Unfortunately we moved from acreage to a house block and had to find a good home for our last horse Sammy who was my absolute favourite. He is a 7/8th arab chestnut with white socks. The very best thing about him is his lovely nature and the fact that he likes people. Hi is now happily living in a large lush paddock in beautiful country, so we are happy for him.
I've lived on a small hobby farm with anywhere between 4-9 horses on it at once all my life, so I've always been around horses and started riding when I was very young. They're wonderful creatures and are also very theraputic. Awesome that you're showing--it's a great experience, I've always wanted to seriously try out English riding but I do Western hehe...barrel racing and all that stuff. Smile
Thundr n Lightning
Me! But I think you know that Reina Laughing

I ride huntseat equitation, but I don't have a horse. Luckily for me, I ride at a very small, private barn with only 4 other riders and a trainer that takes great care of her horses. "My" horse is an OTT TB mare named Pam (registered as Apocrypha) and I'm doing the Novice Eq with her this year and hopefully the Eq Classics at the local schooling shows in the fall.

Unfortunately, I'm away from home and the barn until August, so I only managed to get one show in so far this season. Crying or Very sad
A Black horse is so charming
sugarbox wrote:
A Black horse is so charming

Er, thank you.
(I suppose that was a compliment)
I've been riding since I was 12 years old;) Now I'm 24 and I have my own bay 8 years old gelding - Geronimo:)
Thundr n Lightning
Anaa, what breed is he? And what are you doing with him? Do you compete?

I hope to get my own horse when I'm financially independent and capable of caring for one.
Zug Zug
I used to ride Quarter horses all the time, my friend had one called Courtney, and an arabian horse named Cheyenne. We used to ride all the time from 6th-8th grade, but now I don't really have that much time to ride. I miss riding lol, good way to pass time. We even went to a horse camp at Kidder Creek, it was one of the best experiences/summers of my life. Now I don't think I could sit too long in a saddle *giggles*.

Catch you guys later!

Have a wonderful day!

Have you make crash ever?
i don't ride horses but i would like to ride one, one time when i was younger i had a imaginary horse called alfred if i do get a horse thats what i will call him. Very Happy
Thundr n Lightning
Glad to see that there are lots of other riders over here at Frihost! I'm having such major horse withdrawal right now... I haven't been on horseback for almost 2 months now between being in China and then at camp Sad

Immortality, do you have any pictures of the horse you're leasing? He sounds like a great teacher Very Happy
Thundr, I'll be catching up to you soon Wink i moved out of my parents' house and in the process managed to lose my horse Shocked Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad Sad haven't been on a horse in like 2-3 weeks now. it's HARD being a normal person!

and on top of that, i discovered that i have RFDtv at my new place, and i just watched a wonderful clinic with Josh Lyons on teaching reining spins... and i don't have a horse to try it out on Crying or Very sad
I've been riding almost 6 years Smile I started when I was seven years old, so now I'm 13 years old. I've been riding always on that same riding school. Its very good place, there are nice owner, and very very good riding teacher. I love that place. And there is one pony, and I take care of him. His name is Pertti Laughing He is sooo cute pony, 145 cm high Smile But she is soo kind too. Pertti is also quite fat, he own a very big tummy Very Happy
I love jumping with horses, and Pertti loves jumping too.

But I hate those people, who dismiss riders. They say, that riding isn't so difficult, that you have just sit in the saddle -.-'' and they aren't even been riding never! It's quite hard, especially jumping.

And the last thing: I want too own horse, but not until I am ready for it. Mayve then, when I'm adult and my life is in balance. Smile
I used to ride horses a while ago, it's good fun. Smile

Not really a very experienced rider, but it's a nice thing to do. I once rode out with some friends and some experienced riders, and camped overnight with 'em. Had to stay up and check on the horses and everything...

Was a good time.

Never owned a horse though!
My in-laws breed horses. They breed Trakehners, a warmblood mostly used for dressage. Here is a pic of one of their horses.

They live on a 1600 acre farm in Hazelton BC. It is amazing to go there, it is so beautiful. The horses are as friendly as puppies too, they will follow you around everywhere. My Father-inlaw does such a great job of training them. It is such a wonderfull sight to see 25 horses running together. I love going there in the summer. Its too bad that we can't go this year. I am hoping to go for Christmas next year. It's too bad that they are selling the farm. They have hit retirement age and don't want all the hard work that goes with taking care of a farm. It would have been so nice for my children to go there and learn to ride.
I love to bet on the ponies.
I almost always bet on a grey horse or one that is a first time lasiks user.
The best horse ride ever was on a farm outside Beaufort West. His name was Dippy and he didn’t like being ridden. We walked the horses out for about a kilometer. They were so lethargic we thought there was something wrong with them so we turned back. Big mistake. Dippy and co. broke into a full gallop, nothing makes you feel as alive as the threat of impending doom. Did I mention I can’t ride. It was fantastic, thundering hooves, life flashing before eyes. Unfortunately I stayed on.
Reina wrote:
I was wondering how many horse riders are out there?
I've been riding about 8 years and i recently got my first horse.
He's a 15.3hh bay thoroughbred gelding named Niko.
He's 9 going on 4. He's off the track and well, has race horse 'manners'.
Im competing him in dressage and show jumping over winter. Next summer i want to do some eventing and hunter classes.

yes i am a horse rider myself. i would love to shop jump that is like one of my dreams to do and be really big in the sport of horses that would be great to do.
but i suppose some dreams are left for dreaming aren't think lol
although i am going to show jump sometime in my life
When we lived in SA, I used to ride often. Had to give that up when we moved to the UK, our budget doesn't quite allow it now!

I have owned 3 horses, the first was a lovely bay Nooitgedacht mare, 14.2 hh, she had the loveliest paces and was truly a show stopper. This breed is indigenous to SA, if you'd like to know more about the Nooitgedacht breed, there is a website to visit which gives some more information.

My second horse was a 15.1hh saddlerx, chestnut mare, we never really clicked and I didn't enjoy her as much. Third one was a 15.2hh bay TB gelding, he was a sweetie but I had to find him a good home when I got married and we emigrated.

Maybe one of these days I'll start hunting up a good yard in our vicinity, I have always had a hankering at trying Western style, it looks great fun! Does anyone have any experience of this in the UK?
OOh, I love riding ;> I've been riding six years now.. But my parents doesn't really like that I ride, they just keep worrying that when I fall down, that if I then hurt myself.. And understand that, but I dont stop the riding ;D
I've been around/riding horses ever since I was little. I ride Western and do mostly games (barrel racing, poles, jumping figure 8 and the like...) with my 15 year old American Quarter Horse. His name is Mark and he's all black save for a little spot on his forehead and one on his back foot and he's just a big goof ball, he's such a baby...hehe. Here's a pic of us a year or so ago:

I've had some bad experiences, fallen off more times than I can count, and I've had my own share of broken toes...I even got kicked by a boarder's horse (my mom owns a small hobby farm) in the chin and had both sides of my jaw broken with a hairline fracture when I was in elementary school.[/img]
I've been riding nearly all my life, which covers 17 years. My mother loves horses, so I kind of grew up around them. Right now we have three, a Shagya Arab and my Lyngshest mare and her foal. Nordlanshest/Lyngshest is this very rare Norwegian breed, as small as a Icelandic horse but much nicer Wink Here's a picture of my chestnut mare, her foal of last year, and a stallion.
Yea, i really want to lean how to do horse back riding, but my mom won't let me. T.T isn't that just sad?
m00tmuffin: You have a very cute horse! Smile

Here, In Finland riding is very common, over 100 000 person practise riding (Finlands population: 5 million, if somebody didn't know that ;>), and the number goes bigger all the time.
Mostly people ride like the english type riding, but the Western type riding is going more common.
Sipe wrote:
m00tmuffin: You have a very cute horse! Smile

Thank you! Very Happy
I started riding western recently, it will take quite a while until I will have an own horse or at least a co-ownership Confused
But I can ride much near my father's farm when I'm there Smile I probably won't take part in tournaments or something, I rather want to do trips with a horse and some other riders Smile
It's a pity that I didn't start riding earlier Sad
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