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PROJECT SMITH: Shopping Trolley - Complete Coverage

Mr Smith
Howdy there,

I have decided to make a topic where I can... post my current stages of the go kart project...

I will start off with... the main parts:

The Beginning

So like every other normal growing up child, we all have dreams, maybe it shall be to visit mars when we are older, or even worse - now. But I am different than the normal, I think reality, I know wether something will fail or not even before I even attempt something, as by looking at plans and such, you can determine the outcome.

This idea came along when I was watching a very popular show on TV called Monster garage, and well... I loved the idea. So I studied the project steeper and deeper, until I was certain this is what I wanted to do for the next three or four months. And there comes the gift floating from the sky, a brochure from a local supermarket - Woolworths.

That evening, I told my parents about my idea, and for the next week I kept an eye out at trolleys that had been dumped. My dad came home from work with a trolley, it was completely stuffed (The legs were kinda... bent), but it will do as all I needed was the main cage.


The Project - Description

This year I will be talking an origional 2003 Faulkner Woolworths shopping trolley and customising it to a bad-ass Go-Kart, which I will attempt to race.

The kart will contain the following parts:

- Main Trolley
- Go-Kart Frame
- 5.5hp+ Horizontal-Shaft Engine
- Budget wheels at first, then upgrade to mud/dirt tyres and/or racing slick.


The Project

So I have my trolley, and the first thing I needed to do is remove the legs off the trolley, as if the go-kart was to be the height it was, I would tip when going around a sharp corner, and that is NOT what I want.

After a while of grinding, hammering, burning fingers, cut hands, there is is - the main trolley cage, all set and ready to be mounted to a kart frame. But it isn't that easy, I still need to track one down.


Here are the pictures that I have promised earlier:

Main stage of power-grinding the lage off the trolley cage:

Cleaning up the area underneath with a softer disc:

The final stage of the shopping trolley, ready to be mounted to a go-kart frame:

Birds eye view:


Its bum:



Update #1: Have tracked down a go-kart frame, the auction ends in two days, $350.00... Lets hope I can get this... It is a 6.5hp engine, with hydraulic disk braking system on the back...
More to come
Good luck with the project. Looks like a smart idea. Hope to see it when it is done. Very Happy And you can get a shoping cart anywhere. Just "accidently" steal one.
Mr Smith
Ooh yeah... accidentaly get it stuck to your hand with superglue! My mate did that once in a store, they got a bit of superglue on their hand, and plastered their hand to a random teddy bear. They walked up to the shopkeeper and said WFT IS THIS SUPERGLUE DOING ON THE TEDDYBEAR! ILL SUE YOU! LET ME KEEP IT OR I'LL SUE YOU FOR INJURY TO HUMAN BEING/(in my mates case, animal cruelty :p)...

It works every time... =/
That is a really good idea. I mite try that one time. So stop giving me good ideas mr. smith
Mr Smith
Haha, if you want any more you'd better consult a doctor :p
Mr Smith
Okay, picked up the go kart yesterday afternoon, all seems fine at the moment. Although since it is a racing go kart (proper one - not a toy) the thing is only about 3-5 inches off the ground, giving me no space to drive around the streets as the nice sounds from my kart won't be the engine, it'd be the frame grinding the ground!

So that is a major set back, and it is bloddy hard figuring out a way to get this thing higher off the ground - so much for "Lower your car, its SO COOL" =/

Pics coming soon...

I also did a bit.... of a burnout, popped the old tyre (LOOK AT THAT DAMAGE ROFL)
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