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Lucasarts (or Lucasgames), good or bad? (at making games)

Lucasarts (or Lucasgames), good or bad? (at making games)
 64%  [ 9 ]
 35%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 14

there are a lot of lucas-haters out there due to KOTOR2 or BF2...just want to see how many are in here...

their support sucks and patches are released like half a year after release that doesnt correct even 50% of the bogs gamers i say they suck...

We're still waiting for the 1.3 patch for BF1 after a year and 4 days AND the mod tools for BF2 that they promised us...
LucasArt is loosing their magic. Their games aren't fun to me. ( Except Jedi Power Battle ) And their movies are having lousier storylines. They are deteriorating too quickly.
I wouldn't really know. Most of the Lucasarts games were simply published by them. Rogue Squadron, Rogue Leader, Jedi Academy, and Jedi Outcast are all great games but they were also all outsourced to different companies. So, I really wouldn't know how good they are at developing games. Darkforces 1 and 2 really stank bad though and those were made by them. Razz
i agree that their old games are great. in reality all their games are great. but they would be better if they beta tested them more and actually provide support...BF2 for example. a majority of the gamers who bought it couldn't play it when their specs are clearly more (or higher?) than the required specs. then they coughed up a patch half a year later that still doesn't enable all, if not most, of those people to play...

AND i know that different companies make their games. but lucasarts rush them into making an incomplete game such as KOTOR 2 where the storyline was senseless because of rushing. AND the companies are just responsible for making them, lucasarts was supposed to provide support. and none of us lucas-haters see that happening anytime soon...
I love Lucas Art's games!!! They are fun and usually contain some sort os a story line. And it is the storyline that attracted me to their games Wink
I like KOTOR (the original version) and SWG rocks. Jedi Knight 2 was so fun in multiplayer when you hit infinite ammo and hp. Rocket launcher -> mayhem Very Happy
Yep, Lucasarts is good at making games....

I love KOTOR but KOTOR2 was a dissapointment, Jedi Knight Series, and one of the classics Monkey Island series.
Ghost Face
linkman2004 wrote:
Darkforces 1 and 2 really stank bad though and those were made by them. Razz

Lol, those are butt old games. You can't even compare those to current games, not by a long shot..

I like LucasArts. I love em!
Never really played their newer games, but I did love their older games. Such as Monkey Island, Grim Fandango type series. Now those were fun Smile
gh0stface wrote:
Never really played their newer games, but I did love their older games. Such as Monkey Island, Grim Fandango type series. Now those were fun Smile

Those are the games I'll remember LucasArts for. Even though some of their Star Wars based titles have been quite impressive (Rogue Squadron and the like), to me they just lack the personality and magic of those point 'n' click classics.
hands down one of the better makers of computer games, loved samn n max hit the road. Moneky island, INdy and the fate of atlantis. day of the tentacle, zak mcracken and the alien mindbenders. rogue squadron. Grim fandango.

Kotor series awesome awesome. very original game.
their recent games i havent tried but i hear Kotor 3 is coming out and its supposed to be something extra

its also made by bioware again so it shoud be great and the game engine s completly new too!

greatly looking forward to that one!!!
Though their games are quite good I cannot say that their support for them is quite the same. Patches take too long to release and don't always fix the all the probems.

then again I think that a lot of the problems stems from trying to use/implement new technology into the games, e.g. shaders, reflections, etc.

Anyone have an opinion on this?
Lucas Arts was so much more better when they made games like Sam and Max...but KOTOR and junk was alright, I guess...
I really loved SW: Battlefront!
Though the lagg was horrible sometimes.
While I feel that Lucasarts used to have some of the best talent in the industry many of them left after completing just a few games. While I was impressed with KOTOR, I understand that it was not actually developed by Lucasarts.

Where are Sam and Max, where is the next X-Wing, what about Full Throttle?

Lucasarts has lost its originality and its sense of fun, and I do not trust that they can get it back.
A company of that size can not be judged by just good or bad, unless it really fits into that category. I feel that Lucasarts has its rollercoaster trends like every other company.

No one can say it is a bad company with hits like Knights of the Old Republic making the best of the year, And Star Wars Battlefront. But I do admit that have do have many medeoker titles in there list.

But do you think they go our to make a medeoker title? Or is it that they just push something out too fast to make a quick grab at money? What about if they did there best and just missed the mark because another game overshadowed them?

I guess the best way not to get a bad game is read the reviews, look at it objectively, and don't make impulse buys. As companies see consumers are buying smarter, they will be forced to put out the quality that you want.
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