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Online or offline, which is your favourite

I was wondering. All that time I had been playing single player games for years, but since I got broadband, it has changed my gameplay entirely. I now wonder why I ever played single player games. When i discovered multiplay online play. I was addicted. My first online game I played was the original call of duty. I still love it now and play every week. Then things got bigger when I started playing counter strike source and entered leagues and things with my clan (team).

I was just wondering what you think is better. Online or offline? I am definately saying online.
Dito. Offline is fun for a while, until you get bored playing against bots or the plain missions. Online brings everlasting fun, unless you get bored of the game itself. Also, you get to know people Wink
It depends. I like having a single player offline rpg to just sit down and play for a long time. Other than that, I absolutely love the idea of having online capabilities for most games. However, through the 3 months I had xbox live, I absolutely can't stand it. There are some cool people, but most are little brats who just annoy me. Same goes with pc gaming, but I don't *think* it's as bad as xbox live.
Online offcourse. Its kinda booring to play with bots. They got no "skills". Very Happy
not to mention, brain. in some games like BF2 the bots on my team kill themselves...i kept telling them to follow me but they keep falling into pits or blowing themselves into pieces with their rocket launcher, hurting me as well...stupid AI...

but some games are only good those real complicated ones where it takes a long while to load and therefore when playing onling lags like ****...
Online for sure... You will never know how your enemy will shoot or where he will go. In singleplayer bots will almost in same place... In online is
more action too.
Online allways beat offline to me.. Mmorpg´s are my passion and will allways be my favourite time consumer Razz.

Then again a good session with some 1´st person shooter is good too.

Any offline game would either have to have some kind of really cool feature to capture my attention for a long time.

Cool gameplay with lots of choices, mean graphics and fun puzzles would be cool features..

Wish there were games like monkey island or the dig under production though... Allways loved those...
Online, duh Razz

Offline is fun, until you played all the campaign stuff one time.
Online is variable and exciting.
Who do you want as a roommate? A robot or a real person...
Online is my choice.
totaly depends on the game some games are better online and some arnt
like cs q3 avp ect are cinda boring offline avp works offline as long as you play the singelplayer game and not skrimesh. and then ther are some games thats totaly pointless online like GW is a semi pointless game its basecly a massiv co-op rpg and not really a normal mmo even tho its cinda fun but pointless Razz
It really depends what game to be honest. For example Half Life 2 I'd much rather play offline (even with CS coming with it, I'd rather still play Half Life 2 offline). But games like Diablo II were meant to played online and with the advances of the internet it's overal much better to play online.
Anyday online games rock. Beside the aspect of better challenge from humans there is always a aspect of social interaction in online multiplayer games. I like yahoo pool a lot and meet and chat with many people there.
While online gameplay has been a big department for judging games for me, I, for some reason, have not played any online games in a long time. I've been running through RE4 as fast as I can, and finding skulls in Halo 2. It honestly does depend on the game, because, and I have idea why, have found no appeal in online play. There is no such way for online play to be better than offline play or vice versa, they are both unique in their own ways. It would be like comparing apples to oranges, and for me, I think Offline play will always be the classic way to play, and will always be the first thing I play. However, Online play is definetly the wave of the future.
Online of course, i only play online, offline i get bored so easy Wink
It's really a toss up for me. On one hand you have really awesome online games like Metroid Prime Hunters, Animal Crossing Wild World, Mario Kart, Tetris DS, and Jedi Academy. But then on the other hand you have the offline games like The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess(Haven't played but it will rock), Metroid Primes 1 and 2, Jedi Academy, all the mario games, and buttloads of others. So really, when given the choice between online and offline I really wouldn't be able to choose. Razz
Looking back on all the games I've played I think I've had more fun with offline games rather than online. It's really hard to make such a comparison though because then you must ask questions like which game or type of game are we talking about?

Personally I'm very driven by the plot, and playing multiplayer games completely forgets about that aspect of a game and instead goes for repetitive killing using various strategies. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

Rather than post offline vs. online why not start a discussion about how online games have evolved over the past few years compared to their solo counterparts?
I gotta say I like offline better because I can play at my own pace and I'm not stuck with 2 little kids what can't play the game as my teammates.

I play games to relax and usually the people that play online are all about strategy and competition (even with a rec gamerzone)... What ever happened to running around like idiots on games like Goldeneye64?
I dont think playing offline games are always alone. Not necessary with bots. You could go out to any cyber cafes around.. meet friends there, and some with great skills.. btw, is playing on lan, offline? Razz

Playing online is everything about connection speed, your connection slow, you die! Playing CS is about speed, those whose speed is faster wins. Playing strategy games like warcraft ( or DotA) online brings delays. Ordering your army to move at specific place will take them few seconds to start moving.
Connection GOOD = Online
Connection BAD = Offline
Actually, I would practice with the computer when I am just a noob at certain game. When I moved on to a more advanced level, then it is time for a real-person challenge Cool
A nice game is bATracer. It is an online game, You don't have to have a fast line or something, only 5minutes every day. It is a race sim. You can choose between different leagues like Btcc, F1, Cart . The aim is to make you're so fast as it can and use the right strategys etc.

Take a look at
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