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US war costs 'could hit $811bn'

The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has soared and may now reach $811bn

It estimates that Congress has appropriated $368bn for the global war on terror, including both conflicts.

It says that if the current spending bill is approved, US war costs will reach $439bn, and it estimates that an extra $371bn may be needed by 2016.

On that basis, the two wars would cost more than the $579bn spent in Vietnam.

The future costing assumes that US troop levels will drop from the 258,000 currently engaged in all operations to 74,000 by 2010.

Do you think its worth it ?
I think they are better off spending it on improving the economy.
I hope the US gets out of Irak but the probably won't.

The could have spent the money on relief efforts for Katrina and preperations for future storms.
Wars are never worth what they cost...the $$ spent on Iraq could be used to help the homeless and such unfortunate ppls...wars just make things worse...but then, they atked the US first...with 9/11...
pokethamage wrote:
they atked the US first...with 9/11...

What do you mean by "they" ?

Do you mean the people that America is spending billions of dollars to kill ?
The Iraqis ?

The 9/11 wasn't an Iraqi job.
The people allegedly involved in it were Saudis.

It's sad to see how many people have actually bought the 9/11-Iraq propaganda.
It really wouldn't suprise me a bit if the overall cost of the war, not counting the lives lost on both sides, would total that much if not even higher in the end result. Needless to say there is no $$$ amount you can place on a human life.

The US, and some other countries as well, have the habit of throwing money at a problem in the hopes that either they can win the arguement, or that it will simply go away.
It seems that the US is running on the dictum that "if you tell the same lie long enough it becomes true".

Where did these billions you talk about come from? They came from the bottom of the National Debt, that's where.

Ever try to get money from the money you owe? This is most difficult, unless you are from New York City or Washington DC.

What these clowns are doing is they are creating problems and then creating the money to fix them. Its like my old college girlfriend used to tell me, "if you don't stop doing that in about 5 minutes I am going to get very angry".

Every time they find a new bird flu or imagine weapons of mass destruction, they go to the National debt for more money. At this time, by coincidence, Hillary, Mona Lisa Rice and all the other ladies of governement get "cost of living" raises.

Katrina showed them what "real" looks like. Perhaps we can afford Natures disasters but its the man made ones that are killing us.

Our system stands on truth. The idea that we can "beat it" by lying is "absurd".
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