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Password protected photo album?

Hey everyone!

I am in the process of building myself a homepage. I'd like to have a photo album on my site. I was hoping to password protect the photo album. Any suggestions on how I can do this?

Thanks!! Smile
Many ways...

If you are not very saavy, use some sort of content management system (CMS). Many of these offer some sort of password protected area.

Some of the photo gallery packages may also offer password protected areas. (Coppermine, etc...)

If you are web saavy, then many more possibilities. If you are building your site yourself, you can protect your files through php, asp, ssi scripts, or even the highest level, the .htaccess file.

Tell us more about your level of knowledge, and perhaps we can guide you towards making the right choice.
benjad I'm a semi-begginer. I've done some webpage designing but never done anything too complicated. I'm using Microsoft Frontpage to build this one. I'm happy to learn new stuff though! Smile

P.S. Love your avatar! HAHA
Would I be correct in assuming that you are building a personal web site, and just want to password protect some family/friend photos, but not a real large multi-user name/password system.

From what you have told me, that you are building a custom site in frontpage, that you aren't using any server side scripting, I would recommend that you use a .htaccess file to protect this. It's not very pretty, but highly effective.

.htaccess is a server side file that controls how file are served to a www browser. Google it , and you will learn all about it. What I would do is put all the photos and gallery pages in a subdirectory, and use .htaccess to protect it.

If you want to test this method out, I would recommend getting the XAMPP, as you can try out your site on this web server, and you can test using .htaccess .
The easiest possible way....

This is what I do. On my site I have a client login page. On this page are login links for each project/client I am working on. These links go to a directory with the protected content in it. Simply turn on 'password protect directory' in directadmin/cpanel. Set a username/password and give it to whoever you want.

This isn't the ideal way to do it, but it works for me. Good luck.
benjad wrote:
Would I be correct in assuming that you are building a personal web site, and just want to password protect some family/friend photos, but not a real large multi-user name/password system .

Yep that's exactly right. Thank you. I will try some of those suggestions and see how it goes! Smile Although they sound a bit confusing to me right now, but I'll figure it out!
Just make a photoalbum and put it in one directory and then just password protect that whole directory and noone else will be able to see it.
Everyone's suggestions are most likely one in the same.

The web host control panels (cpanel and direct admin) have password functions, which basically are pretty front-ends that make changes to the .htaccess files.
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