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Free FPS or 3D Game Maker

Is there any 3D game creator that are free and easy to use? FPS Creator is good, but it cost like 50$, I can't afford it...

I am currently using Game Maker, some one donated me a Key, so I can use that to make 3D game. But afterall, Game Maker is not built for 3D game, so it's vrey hard to make good 3D game with it...
Gamemaker isn't hard to make 3d games with.

"Donating a key" would be considered stealing software and stealing is considered illgeal and shouldn't be dicussed on these forums. Gamemaker only cost 20 dollars.

If you would like to know how to make 3d games for free I would recommend you do some research on C++ or C.
I have searched quite thoughroughly, FPS creator is obviously going to be the best. If you were really keen i think I would fork out the money to buy it. Having said that, you really have to look at the FPS's that are beeing released at the moment. They consist of 100's of people, unfortunately my guess would be no utility would be anywhere near capable of the standard of game that are beeing released now. I personally believe your best bet would be to make a mod for a game such as Battlefield 2. EA GAMES have purposely made the game almost fully modable, and even released software to assist.
{name here}
You're going to end up needing to use C/C++ with any game creator so I suggest you learn some DirectX and get a 3D modeler.

Use the source from another game and change around the songs and 3D/2D models that are in the external files. Half-life, Quake, and Duke Nukem 3D are excellent choices for this.
Yep...FPS Creator is the best...i bought it off Micro Center because they have a 40 bucks rebate so it's like only 10 bucks...i love it...btw the link to the rebate form is:

but it expires run!
man, I should of check the forum last night instead playing with the demo version of FPS Creator... now I missed it..

And I didn't steal a key for Game Maker, I advertise a site for someone, so he bought one for me with my name
Try Delta3D. It is a cool engine with an easy to use GUI Interface. And it is free and fully opensource... It has an interface similar to the 3D Game Studio.
wow...delta3d looks promising...i kept searching for a game maker like that...thanks for telling...
if u seek for somthing easy -> Blitz3D/BlitzMAX

Blitz3D is a pretty simple thing but is limeted to DX7 features and windows.
BlitzMAX is able to create excutables for Windows, Linux and Mac but u need to program objectoriented and uses openGL

both cost around 100 bucks ... pretty cheap, but u have to do things like a map-editor on your own!
I suggest you stick with the demo of fps creator. I bought it right away and it sucked, so you might want to find out if you liked it. Actually it didn't suck, I just didn't like making games, I'm not a gamer. I can sell it to you for half the price (25$) only if you live in the US though. (Are we allowed to sell stuff) ?
Something I forgot to mention about Delta3D. Apart from being Opensource, it is cross-platform. It works on Windows and Linux, but I am not sure about what other platforms it will work on.
Another point I would like to mention is it's system requirements. It was quite slow when I tried to run it on one of my older computers - it had a 733 MHz PIII processor and 256 MB RAM. It was a bit slow when I tried to render it. It needs a better system configuration.
Another part about Delta3D that I would like to point out is it's extensive documentation.
thx, I will take a look at Delta3D.

I tried FPS Creator, it is perfect for me. I just need to somehow use it along with Game Maker, cause Game Maker can cover up some features that it don't have.

Yeah, I live in US. I just don't know if my parent will let me buy it from another person. I am not 18, so I don't have a credit card. And they might not think it's safe to buy from a person instead of a store.... /_\
The best is UnrealEd. It's not free, but you can get UT2004 for $10 anywhere (try Walmart) and its a great game alone, and the rediculous amount of mods out there for free make it not worth not getting. It's also a great platform for editing, using the Unreal Engine 2.5. Engine 3 is absolutely CRAZY, and UT2007 is going to be one of the best games of all time. Want an example of how crazy it is? It's going to come with a random level generator. No, it doesn't pick a random level from the list. It actually generates a brand new level.
but you need that actually game to play it, right?

I want some thing that I can save into a exe and I might be able to see it. Delta3D, I look at, I don't feel like learning another brand new programming langage right now. Look hard too.
as someone already said, Game Maker 6.1 is easy to make 3d games with, but you have to fork out the $20 to use the 3d features (but you also get the ability to use advanced particle functions, online multiplayer functions, etc.).

If you want free, learn C++
I have the register version of GM, just that I don't think it's that good. The 3D feature is hard to make good professional style.
I'm pretty sure donating a key is legal. Mark Overmars has let us buy keys as gifts for others in the past. I've registered Game Maker three times now. I was once an avid supporter. And yeah, FPS Creator looks like th e next step for you. I would just be worried about how professional these games are. The graphics in them don't look very original, but then again, there are coders and there are graphics experts.... If FPS Creator has a forum like Game Maker, then you should be able to get pretty good support, and you should be able to master it quite easily.

I haven't actually tried it.
Billwaa wrote:
I have the register version of GM, just that I don't think it's that good. The 3D feature is hard to make good professional style.

I won't say Game Maker's 3D support is actual 3D. It is just 2D scaling to give a 3D look. I guess it does bring in 3D internally, but you cannot use a 3D model and use it in a game. You just give in 2D images and use scaling to bring out that 3D effect.

For professional 3D game making, I would recommend Delta 3D, or get some 3D engine, or work on an engine of your own if you are really into it. C++ might be a good choice of language.
I'd advise using DarkBASIC for 3d games like FPS. The way the language is designed (based around basic obviously but tweaked) is actually written to make 3d games and it comes with examples, pre-prepared models and that kind of thing.

It's not free unfortunatly so I'm going a bit off-topic but it's very cheap especially nowdays. I'd advise getting DarkBASIC pro because it's more flexible but I got the original version for 15-ish about 5 years ago (I think).


Oh yeah by the way - - I think there's a demo availible from there and lots more information about it.
Darkbasic is EXTREMELY hard...i bought it a while ago and was never able to use it...for older people with no school then i guess it's fine but for kids with school like me we got schoolwork to learn and a programming language is too much to add on to what we must learn already...just a thought...
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