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Do you play emulators?

Do you play emulators?
Man, I love them!
 40%  [ 13 ]
Yeah, once in a while
 53%  [ 17 ]
Not really
 3%  [ 1 ]
Emulators suck!
 3%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 32

I cannot live without them! I like old school games way better than modern ones. I play NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis and Arcade games everyday! It's great to be able to replay those classigc games, since it's pretty hard to find cartridges in good shape.
Now and then I play them. They are pretty fun. Its also a lot better than playing them on their gaming systems, Playing them on the computer is 10x's better
I do play games using an emulator especially games made for GBA. I use emulator because I don't own one and I really enjoy playing GBA games on my computer screen! Very Happy
I use to have some on my psp, but it sucked, and i sold that piece of crap with no good games. if i can get linux to run on my nano, I'll prbably put the mane on it
I have some emulators on my psp, they all work perfect (or close to perfect)
Hell yea i play with emulators from time to time Very Happy

Right now im playing with the Commodore 64 Emu <<< Giana Sisters wooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oldskoool

I also like to play on some Nintendo emulators, aswell as Sega from time to time but Commodore 64 is hella cool lol, i used to have a C64 so i remember all those games
Marco wrote:
I have some emulators on my psp, they all work perfect (or close to perfect)

yeah the gba one is crap. the rest some are slow but most of em work fine. what i hate is that they didnt have a ps1 or n64, that would of been the best, everyone youlld but a psp, even for just one of them.
Hmmm, well sony announced that there will come a ps1 emulator for the psp, and yea, forgot about the gba emulator (which is working very very slow), but I don't seem to have problems with the snes, nes, sega genesis and gb emulators
I like Emulators, too. But I think an imitation can't never be as good as the original Wink.
As a kid I always loved the Mario 64 game Smile
Now I've got a Nintendo 64 emulator on my Mac just for that Smile

I don't play so much anyway...
Emulators are cool, but do any of you guys play "more advanced" emulators like for Xbox, PS2 and Nintendo 64? I've got an emulator for Xbox and another one for PS1 but i haven't figured out how to use the Xbox emulator yet...does anyone have a Nintendo 64 emulator and some games?
I used to use Emulators, SNES, N64 & Gameboy, But now I've seen it all and it gets boring to revisit them. But from time to time I hope I will have a chance to play with my favs such as Final Fantasy. Other than that DS Emus arent easy to find if it's even possible, Gamecube Emus dont play the latest games, If they did I still havent found one, PS2 & XBOX emu's need a freaking file that is found seperately and hard to find, When found it's not easy to operate unless you know how to.
You DO realise that downloading and playing emulators for games you have not legally bought and currently own IS immoral and illegal, right? That makes you all evil criminals.
Yeah, but its still so much fun! Wink

Besides, so far I have only used the N64 Emulator and played Mario64 (or whatever the name is), and I own both! Cool
Tell those evil criminals Nameless. Wink I used to play illegal roms until I realized that it was immoral and illegal. I'd only do it if I owned the game. But I don't even support people who do it just because they can't afford the games or consoles. So... stop doing it you evil criminals! Razz
I love to use gba emulator to play games. It has a save function that can save anywhere. Wink
Anyone know of a good PC emulator for the Mega Drive?

I'd love to play Another World again.
I think there was a sequal too called the Governor or something like that.

It was the first game I played that really felt like you were in a movie.
I tried Goldeneye 007 on an emulator, but it had loads of bugs, and kept crashing my computer Crying or Very sad

Maybe it was my crappy PC, or the emulator, who knows? Razz
I play them once in awhile, but I don't have a gamepad so the controls annoy me until I quit. The only game I've ever repetitively played and beaten on emulator is StarFox64 w/ the mouse. I played that for hours on end (I was too lazy to go buy the $5 and got used to the controls). Once Rev's Virtual Console is released emulators won't be necessary (I know they're free, but the games won't be more than $5 each and its worth it for the controls and enhancements [including online])
first emulators may couse damage to the computer within time
i dont suggest to use emulators if u really care for the heath of ur comuter unless u can afford to do a format at any moment
second emulators are illegal like playstation amulators
(not sure if snes ones are though but i think so)
it like piracy and its illegal
third, y using emulators when on the pc there are much better games better grafics,competibility, performance, etc
??? emulators harm computers ??? of cause they r software ... and software can harm other software ... like windows ... but not only emulators do that Razz

second i dont think emulation-software is illegal itself more the ripped rom-files and copys or images of the games that run on them ...

third, there games that need emulators on an uptodate hardware and os eg. older games like Elite3 ... i use dosbox (an emulator) for them, y i play older games u might ask ... well the new ones r simply crap if u ask me, u play them a week and can throw them away, just good grafix but puny gamplay and almost no longterm-motivation ...
i use emulator but i allways have the original game!!
No exactly...
Playing games is alwats funniest on consoles.
BUT the emulators are good to play games that you want to try.
goku_br wrote:
I cannot live without them! I like old school games way better than modern ones. I play NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis and Arcade games everyday! It's great to be able to replay those classigc games, since it's pretty hard to find cartridges in good shape.

Wait till they bring out Playstation 2 Emulators hehehehehe Laughing
Emulators are supposed to keep the old videogames alive. If you play games that are still in the market, that's bad...
Pokemon roms and emulators... i cant resist them Very Happy
You can't go past Street Fighter. Man that game was the BEST.

I love the music on it as well.

I've actually been playing Zelda Chronicles of Orcania (or something of the like) on Project64. Been needing a walkthrough for most parts though Very Happy
I am playing mame32 arcade emulator. It is great for me. It have thousands of old games and recall my memory of young.
I used an Amiga one shortly recently to attempt and play Froniter: Elite II on my new PC's but I was not very successful. It took me a while to find the requires ROM downloads for it (emulating some random chipsets) and then I really couldn't get it running right FPS, resolution, etc. I also used to mess about with N64 emulators because I was missing controllers for my old N64. So once in a while yeah but I don't really make a habit of it.
there was a time when i played this games a LOT
had a huge collection including a game for 2 players (don't remember the name) which me and my friend played like crazy Smile
we figured new tactics of playing just to see what would happen - we were obsessed Razz

but now i'm back to the new games so don't play them anymore - maybe i'll start one up today if i get time Very Happy
i generally don't play with them but sometimes it's really relaxing and comfartable...I'm using PS Emulaters and Commadre,Amigo64 Smile
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