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Slackware Trouble Shooting

So, last night I find myself up untill 5 in the morning installing Slackware onto my system. Ok, So hours pass and then it's finally done, So I got to reboot my get a ****N Error Loading Operating System screen. Pissed me off a tid bit but I was wonderin what the problem could have been.. Maybe I didnt install it correctly or possibly my system does'nt meet the neccesary requirements? Anyone help me with this? It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
First of all, I am almost 99% sure it is not a problem with the operating system, but rather the bootloader. You probably did not bootstrap correctly. First of all, what boot loader are you using? Second, what is your partition setup and do you have any other operating systems installed? These are necessary informations to get you any help.
Lilo bootloader and i had a linux partion with another linux partition swap on a free system nothing else was on it....only linux i took windows off...I actually had got it figured out after i had went back and completely re-did everything
I see. I have never used Slackware before, so I am unfamiliar with the installation process. Does it automate the process or do you have to mount stages, copy files, etc manually? If it is manually then you have to unmount all partitions before rebooting. If you don't bad things can happen. I did that once with Gentoo and lost all 8 hours of the installation. If that is the problem, which is unlikely, there is no way I know of to remedy it, but ask someone else, cuz I've never tried Wink .

Also, does LILO load at all? If LILO loads and then gives you an error, I can't help anymore because I have never used LILO at all. Only GRUB and GAG. Sorry.

What I'm trying to get at is, I don't know how to help. If you had been using GRUB or GAG, their is more of a chance that I could be helpful. Sorry. But don't give up, Linux can be a b*tch, but it's worth it. Wink
Hey, I am using the latest version of Slackware(renamed as Slax) for the past5 months now. It's totally a good Linux distro. And this Linux has its Livecd companion. So, I started of with a livecd rather than the simple installation disk. I downloaded the 200MB live-cum-install cd, and believe me, Slax has never disappointed me in any area, let it be its capabiltity to act as a sever or its multimedia capabilities or let it be its interface, which is far too good compared to many of the Linux distros I've tested till date.
So, I recommend that you do try one of the various available livecds from their official website. You will just love this one. Razz
Actually, SLAX is not the latest version of Slackware. It is a LiveCD distribution based on Slackware code. I find it funny that they have a Kill Bill edition, which is meant for (as far as I can tell both from the extra emulation software and the name) converting Windows users. I actually used it for that too. And succeeded a couple times. Smile
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