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Americas Army

Americas army is awesome, its free and the game play is great. Its released by the US army, and the graphics are hecka good. Right now it has a few glitches, but the next patch should fix that. If u havent tried it already, I suggest u should!
Is this a free download, If so where do I download it?
alkady wrote:
Is this a free download, If so where do I download it?

Yes it's free, but huge at the same time Smile
It wouldn't hurt to use Google sometimes.

I like America's Army because it's my type of game, but my problem is that I'm behind a huge firewall which protects me from... Gaming?
And America's Army is Multiplayer (except the training mode). Too bad...
i played it once but my computer needs a better graphics card and thats a problem since its a laptop. i think the game is ok if youre into that type of games.
i play ghost recon instead cause my computer is able to run that Razz
I haven't played it, but it sounds fun to me..
American is good game but Wolf ET better.
American have very bad sounds and crapig
I don't know this game. I have to try it!!
i used to play it in past. Very nice game.
Americas Army is awsome...

Did they release 2.7 version yet ? When are they impleteing vehicles in the game ?

They said it should be impleted in 2.7 version.. Confused
My bro played this once. He loved the shoot house training mission, but once he got to the multiplayer stuff he died almost instantly. Shortly after he wiped it from his hard drive and never played again. Razz I'd love to try it though.
May be a good game but the ethics of Recruiting people on game scores is absurd! Mad
Yeah, it is a "recruitment tool" lol

They`ve spent couple of milion dollars ( around 6 ) on game developments and they are still investing in the game even further and distribute it for FREE.

So if you are in the army you get the game icon that is visible on the score list. I wonder if anyone joined army just to get that game icon. lol

Another thing is that there are 2 versions of this game. One is free that can be played by anyone and it is used as recruitment tool and other version is trainging tool for soldiers ONLY that are active in Americas army to practice tactical movements and strategies that they use.

As far as I know, it is the most realistic FPS today, no other game is as realistic as this one. Cool
God that game is old thou, i got in about 2years ago and i have only ever played 5hrs of it, as i just got bored with it and it was not the type of game i will play..........
This game is awesome. I've been playing about 2 months. There are some really good people that play, I usually get killed pretty quick. The sond and graphics are good, only multi-player which is good, and best of all - free.

To anyone who hasn't played: A good FPS where there are different areas (fighting arenas) like forests, bridge, hospital, urban area, factory, etc. Teams try and complete missions such as capture the flag type stuff, defend areas, get diplomat to helicopter pad, etc. I think it is one of the best free games out there, check it out.

As far as it being a recruitment tool, they don't push anything on you, so it isn't annoying.
Yeah it is true that they don`t push you to join army and there are no lame popups and that kind of stuff..

The sound is essensial, you can hear your enemys while you still can`t see them, so you know there are somewhere close to you.

To avoid getting killed so easy, aim for the head when you shoot. That way you will kill your enemy pretty quick insted getting yourself killed.

You should allways keep in mind that if you use foilage ( trees, bushes, ect. ) you will be harder to spot. The thing is if you spot your enemy before he spots you and if you are the first one to shoot at enemy, you have the advantage. If enemy is shoots at you first, you are being suppressed and you will have a hard time hitting your enemy. So if you are getting fired upon, the best thing is to seek for cover.

It is kinda hard to play this game solo, you should allways have your teammates working with you in team, that way you will be more successfull and you won`t get killed that easy.

Most fun you get when you play in clan so you have someone to cover you and wach your back.

I had a clan once but I quited playing, maybe I will start again when they implete vehicles in the game.
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