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No mail sending on Outlook 2003

I had this weird problem. I have a laptop with integrated wireless card. I have wireless internet at home and everything works fine. Now I've been to my parents, they also have wireless internet and at first everything appeared to be ok. But later I found out that I could not send mail through outlook. I have like 10 mail accounts in Outlook and neither of them would send the mail. Receiving was no problem at all. All the other things related to internet or sending or receiving worked fine. I could log in to the internet page of my mail provider to send mail. I stayed like 10 days with my family and in thos 10 days I could not use Outlook to send my mail. When I came back home I faced no trouble at all sending mail through outlook 2003. Any idea what this could be?

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: bla bla
Sent: 20-Apr-06 8:06

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

'bla bla' on 20-Apr-06 8:06
530 5.7.1 NO VALIDO: blabla
I guess not a lot of people know a solution...
Look, I checked firewalls etc...and I never experienced anything like this. But I just could not send anything through Outlook in their home...
ur e-mail accounts are confires to use only ur wireless connetion.
to solve this problem u have to confire outlook to use ur parents account also. that's it ! !
Since u say u r recieving an email that says email not sent to the following, there is something wrong with ur mail provider.

Did u ever try send urself a mail Cool

Note: I have a very good feeling that this is a dupe support request just to increase the points Rolling Eyes
The issue that you are experiencing with Outlook 2003 is because the Outgoing Mail Servers in Outlook are set to your ISP at home. When you go to your parents you are using their ISP. To be able to send on their network you have to have their settings.

For example at home you use and with user/pass information. When you go on any other network though your incoming would be the same but to send email you would have to put in with their user/pass information.

Hope this helps.
Ok, the last comment does make some sense, at least sounds like it makes sense. But how do I change the ISP, where do I change the ISP and how do I know what ISP my parents use, where can I find the ISP?

Ow, and by the way, I did send myself an email...and the same thing...NO outgoing mail at all. Just incoming. It was neither the mail provider, because most of the accounts I have, I can also access them on a internet page. And from there I could send mails. Only, it is much easier to work in Outlook...

I have one question for you so that you are not constantly having to change the settings back and forth because if you are using your parents wireless every weekend it would probably be easier to use the web based version of your ISP's email when you get home but here are the instructions for when you are at your parents place.

Click Tools -> Accounts -> View or Change Accounts....that will log you into the email account.

On the main screen that opens you have your incoming and your outgoing mail server. To be able to connect and send your mail on your parents wireless connection you have to update this information (ie Outgoing Mail Server or what ever your parents ISP outgoing server is listed as. Ask them what they have in Outlook or Outlook Express or go to their ISP's Web site and check the help section).

Click on the More Settings button...this gives you access to the Outgoing Server and its log in information as most servers require authentication to send/receive email. Here you will have to put your parent's user name and password. This will let you send and receive when at your parents....but when you go home you have to put the settings back to your own ISP....hence it may be easier to access your ISP's mail from their website when you are at home.
I'm not that often in my parent's place, but I will check it out. It's weird, I never heard of something like that...changing the ISP settings. Thanks for the explanation.
Your ISP doesn't want people off their system to be able to send mail. It could be that you could call them and ask them for and SMTP address you could use when traveling.

The setting that you want to change when you go to your parent's house is SMTP. Go into their Outlook if they have it and see what they use. You may need to actually use a username/email address and pasword authentication to get their ISP to let you send mail.

This sounds like a bad thing, but it actually helps prevent spam.

If you don't want to use your parent's SMTP:

1) If you rent web hosting space somewhere, it probably comes with an account with an smtp server you could use.

2) You might also search google for "public smtp" They used to exist, but I doubt it anymore.
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