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illiterate at setting up forums... help?

so i've gotten my account ok'd, i've logged on, looked at the opening page, poked around on some tutorials... then decided that i was completely and totally out of my element Wink even the tutorials start with an understanding that you can comprehend SOME of what they talk about lol.

so eh... could somebody tell me how to get a forum up?
k, nevermind about most of that, i found a tutorial that could kinda get me through some of it.

however, i've gotten to a point where i'm fairly stumped... between steps 11 and 12:
11. CHMOD/Set the permissions of) config.php to 777 and images/avatars/ to 777 using your FTP Client.
12. Go to http://domain/forums/install/install.php

i finally THINK i figured out what 11 meant, in DirectAdmin files>forums>, but config and images/avatars ? i uploaded the phpBB zipped file and it shows up as a single document, so i went ahead and set the permission of that to 777, since that seemed about right... but then the link on the next step doesn't work, and i went to the phpBB website and looked at their Quick Install...

Decompress the phpBB 2 archive to a local directory on your system.
Upload all the files contained in this archive (retaining the directory structure) to a web accessible directory on your server or hosting account.
Change the permissions on config.php to be writeable by all (666 or -rw-rw-rw- within your FTP Client)
Using your web browser visit the location you placed phpBB 2 with the addition of install/install.php, e.g., etc.
Fill out all the requested information and hit Submit
Change the permissions on config.php to be writeable only by yourself (644 or -rw-r--r-- within your FTP Client)
Click the Complete Installation button or revisit the location you entered above.
phpBB 2 should now be available, please MAKE SURE you read at least Section 8 below for important, security related post-installation instructions.

... but it wasn't much help either... i guess i'm supposed to take those links and enter in my own domain name, and then a long string of something or another, but i'm STUMPED!

sorry to seem like such an idiot, bc i'm probably missing something quite obvious. but i would really appreciate the help Wink
Ok take phpbb out of the zip file on your computer, it will unzip into a folder called phpbb or whatever, inside that there should be another single folder called phpbb2.
Upload that folder to the host via FTP.
Once that is finished you need to go into the phpbb folder on your FTP and there should be a file called config.php right click on that and there should be 'file attributes' or similar.. click that and change the number to 777. Do the same for the images/avatars folder.
Then go to that directory via your browser and you should get redirected to the install page.
could i suggest you use this forum software: SMF ( it's very easy to setup and chmods files by itself. also it's extremely easy to install updates, themes, mods, they get installed with a simple click.

so if you want a forum that's easy to install and manage then i would suggest SMF.
Our own phpBB installation tutorial is located at which has a step-by-step process with screenshots.

if you fail to do it the first time around PM me your frihost hosting details and I will do it for you.

***note that i will do it for you if you haven't already tried
***note that i will only install it for you if you are hosted at server 1 or server 2 on friHost
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