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parking a domain on server 2 using directAdmin

I have tried unsuccessfuly to park on to account. I use server 2 and therefore only have access to directAdmin. I have researched through the directAdmin help forums and from my understanding this should be done via the DNS settings within directAdmin. After even more research I have found that the DNS settings have been disabled in My DNS name registration service is pointing towards the name servers: & I have done both of the following proceedures.

first I added a domain name to my account so that I have two domain names at my disposal when I log into directAdmin. Within my files option the public_html folder is defaulted to and there is an index.html file with in that folder. I have waited 72 hours for name server propogation to occur. resolves to an error page saying page not found.

Second I created a domain pointer with I was not able to modify any of the information or add a "name" which to my understanding I needed to do inorder for the domain to resolve correctly. Again I waited the 72 hours for name server propogation to occur. resolves to an error page saying page not found.

As it has been almost 4 weeks since obtaining I would really appreciate any help in getting it parked so that I may start to work with it.
thank you
ralphbefree, either post your domain or pm it to me. I'll set it up for you if you want.

The nameservers of the domain need to point to "" and "". The frihost ones are for the other server.

You might get an error if there is no index.html or index.php file.
Thank You Bondings Very Happy
Everything makes sense now that I realize that my domain registrar is pointing to the wrong nameservers is for server 2; is for server 1 Smile

I appreciate the offer for setting up my domain for me, but as I am excited about learning such things (I learn best hands on) and I am sure that you have plenty to do already as it seems that you are on top of your game with this community; (thanks for the quick reply Wink ) I am going to continue to try and park the domain myself. I am certain that it I did it correctly within directAdmin and I now must only wait the 72 hours for the nameservers to propogate. lets see....

but in case you would like to double check, that would be great. is the domain name i am trying to park

Your domain seems to be working fine for me. Very Happy

It's usually much faster than 72 hours for the nameservers to propagate (depending on your registrar and extension), sometimes even in 4-6 hours. However if you access it too early, your isp may cache it, which causes another 4-12 hours for you (but not for most other people).
WOW, the only thing faster than that nameserver propogation was you bondings Smile Your amazing .. I was wondering if the quickness was a cache or not...I must be with a well connected registrar... which again makes me feel great Very Happy
thank you for your personal attention...
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