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Eye the Anaconda Survives Music Store Fire

SANTA ANA, Calif. - Firefighters expected to find only charred debris when they poked through the burned out hulk of a music store. Instead, they stumbled upon a slithering, 6-foot anaconda.

Authorities said some of the 40- to 50-pound snake's skin was peeling but otherwise she was in good health.

Firefighters were told that the snake, named Eye, had been in a state of hibernation, said Santa Ana fire Capt. Ben Gonzales.

"They told us it was pretty hungry," Gonzales said. "They told us that after we'd all been handling it."

Eye belongs to Jonathan Kent, owner of the burned out Orbit Studios store. Kent, 35, was arrested Monday for investigation of setting the fire, which caused $550,000 in damage.

He was being held at the Central Men's Jail on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department Web site.

Eye likely escaped serious harm because snakes often crawl under things and into hidden spaces that could offer protection from a fire, said Don Boyer, the San Diego Zoo's reptiles curator.

The reptile was taken to the Orange County Animal Shelter and will be put up for adoption if Kent doesn't reclaim her, officials said. Strange News

Hey hey look who's back posting more strange news. Give up? it's me Very Happy.

So he set's the place ablaze and forgets his pet snake? Atleast he wasn't driving his car with the snake wrapped around his neck. In my personal opinion the owner of the snake should not be alowed to reclaim it due to the fact that he put her in such danger in the first place.

Dude should be sent to jail for insurance fraud and then eaten by his own Anaconda
as far as I know a snake will not try to eat something it can't fit in it's mouth and a 6 ft. snake couldn't hope to swallow a full grown person, yes it may attack out of hunger or fear...but in this case a bite is better than a swallow.

I could certainly be wrong....I have never been eaten by a snake Wink
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