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Video Games are Evil

Classic or "Now"?
 28%  [ 6 ]
 71%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 21

Yes, thats' right. Games are evil today.
Today you look at any game on Xbox360 or PC or whatever, and you fall in love with it right-a-way. No, it's not love, it's lust. Game Designers focus on nothing but graphics these days. People go wow that's awesome, buy it, play it until they're bored of the graphics, then it's never seen again. That's lust.

What about the love of Classic Gaming? Where'd Lemmings go? Where'd friggin Cruise for a Corpse or all those old Simpsons Games or Willy Beamish go? Those were the games that you'd buy, and play until you've finished the game over and over. They didn't focus on good sound or amazing 2D-pixelated-graphics, they focused on gameplay. I'm pissed off with commercial games these days. I still get tempted to buy one because it's lust, temptation... But I don't, because 90% of those games are just eye-candy.
I voted for modern. All those old classic games were great in their simplicity but I still need something a little bit more modern. Besides, with all this graphical power games can do things that have never been done before. Gameplay may be what counts the most but graphics and sound is what really immerses you and makes you feel like your there. Smile
I picked modern too...
I do believe that a game is everything in it's gameplay, but there are some games where the sound and graphics make the gaming experience everything. You can't make horror games like Condemned: Criminal Origins, F.E.A.R., or Resident Evil 4 with shoddy music, because the sound and music are what are supposed to make horror movies scary, that and good acting and believable characters, but I honestly have to say, when I was playing through those games for the first time, I was creeped out so many times, especially by the Regerators in RE4.

While most games have sold out and have just tried to cash in on the Urban craze that GTA started, you can't persecute games like Halo 2 and Half-Life 2 for being generally fun games where the experience is enhanced by realistic graphics and sound that will make you believe you really are in a war against the world.

This is also the reason why I like Cell-Shaded games, but I don't want to get off on a rant, basically put, they decided not to have the high end quality graphics and go for something more artistic, making things very different. Also, FFT is my favorite game, and it's graphics weren't that great.
I like classic games better. Maybe that's because I grew up playing NES, SNES and SMS.
Generally if they have good graphics it's because it's a generally sucessful series or company which you can depend upon for the fun factor, and the graphics are a reflection of the extra polish they have taken the time out to put in the game because the creators have a real passion for what they do.

An example I will use is comparing say, a game like dynasty warriors 4 to a game like prince of persia (sands of time) Both debuted on the same console and around the same time (I think), however one provies much more solid gameplay as well as graphics while the other has poorer graphics and incredibly repetitive gameplay. Of course some enjoy it, or there wouldnt be a DW5, but my point still stands that generally it's sucessful companies that provide games with killer graphics and awesome effects, and they are sucessful because of earlier games when people couldn't care less about polygon count and bump-mapping and awesome gameplay drove sales.

(I can't believe this entire post is just like 4 sentences)
The classics are great, If you play them today. They're still pretty cool. I think today's games are about flashy graphics and nothing more.
I blame the superior graphics that exist today as opposed to the 5 pixel characters back in the classic games.
If graphics didn't matter... could you honestly say this:

"I'd enjoy the same mechnical fighting game with full blown physics, sweet lighting, highly accurate collision detection, immersive and realistic environments over blocky unrealistic arenas with stick figures."
In my opinion, classic games were the best. But that is not to say the games we have now stinks.

The developers of the past had lots of original ideas and since it was original at that time, people remember them fondly. Now, the ideas pool is getting dry, so game developers are focusing on making the old ideas look nicer..

I guess it's just different focus.. Past, it was on creativity. Now, it's aesthetics.

Then again, it could be game companies are lazy now and just wish to make a quick buck by "re-packaging" an existing game and calling it their own.. Rolling Eyes
Then there's always the other end of the spectrum... Take Xbox360... loads of $60 games for those who are into the graphically intensive... then the XBL Arcade, making it easy for developers to distribute games like Geometry Wars and Marble Blast Ultra (old school feel with recent do-overs) for like 8 bucks over the intranets. So even now more recent systems continue to pay homage to their elders.
I do miss some of the older titles, but after you play the newer generation it is hard to go back. Like I love the old Command and Conquers, like Red Alert so I reinstalled it and after a little work just to get it to run on Windows XP. After 1 min I gave up, it was just to old, and the sound didn't even work. the newer C&C Generals has everything that the old did plus more, and It looks great.

I think where you are coming off is all the cheap remakes of the FPSs games lately. It is just like all the movies how one great movie comes out, and the next month to year 5 other with the same idea come out too.

Farcry is fun, beautiful, and very inventive, it has tons of way to reach the same objectives. The weapons are sweet you get to fight Mercs with adutudes, and mutaded Monkeys. There are a bunch of great games out today, and I feel it is unjustified to say games today sux.
well personally i don't see much good qualities in the clasic games
At their age they where surly fun and wheren't called classics too lol
But today grafics is of atmost importance in a game,
a game like F.E.A.R. wouldnt stand a chance if it doesnt have grafics and great effects. Deleting those things from it, ul make the game suk.
The more its realistic , the more it needs graphics, and is liked more from pro gamers. Thats the main reason y companies focus on grafics.
Even for rpg, when u can contol the angle of view of ur player is much better then viewing from the top like the old snes games.
im talking about Oblivion and its ammasing grafics!!
nowadays if a company makes a game with less grafics than the standard ones it wont stand a chance in the market, no matter the gamplay or fun level it can give.
mostly i agree with what the ppl in this topic said accept that the new games suk, i say they are going great, espacially the new combination of rpg and rts games
seems really cool!!!!
dieing to try the demo soon!
Yep yep, I agree that most games now just wouldn't work without the graphics.

In the past, players probably didn't expect much from their games so they were easily blown away. Today, we have seen all kinds of ideas and graphics being used over and over again, so our expectations are much much higher.
Probably too high for any games to match up to it Rolling Eyes

Maybe people like classic games because it reminds them of an innocent past, where everything is a novelty ^^
Graphics are important, let's face it, but so's gameplay. Put it this way - would you rather have a game which has blow-you-away graphics, but is boring really fast cos it has no gameplay, or a game with gameplay that ensures fun for as long as you have it, but looks crap? I choose gameplay, I can cope with bad graphics, but to be bored before I'm even 10% through the game? No thanks.
Graphics are an extremely important part of some games, it just depends on your taste or the game... there are alot of purely graphic based games. The kind of games I prefer are games like Final Fantasy series, they are a mixture of visually intense graphics and a really intriguing story line, once I beat these games I never play them again; it's like watching a movie twice. I don't think 3D games should be condemmed purely because you're only enjoying the graphics. As much as I love a really well designed 3D game, I also appreciate the classics, preferablly kerby on NES, and Sonic the hedgehog on the Sega Genesis; hours and hours of fun on those... I grew up in the 2D era and have grown to love 3D games, but I appreciate them more because of the 2D background...

IMO... Rolling Eyes
I really don't see a split between games with graphics and games with great game play... Some current games that have both, Farcry, Halflife 2, CS Source, Call of Duty 2, Rise of Nations, Command and Conquer Generals, F.E.A.R. (has amazing game play, like slow mo and melee; and sweet graphics), Flatout, Need for Speed Most Wanted (Very fun single player campaign), Homeworld 2 (one of the best strategy games, 3D Space Fleet war, with great graphics; You haven't played any strategy game until you played Homeworld 2!!!), BF2, and the list goes on. I'm not the biggest RPG and MOMG player, but there are even more games Like World of Warcraft that have both game play and Graphics.

Also there is a lot more to games now, with sound effects for digital 5.1 systems, music that is equal to movie quality, physics like FEAR and Halflife 2 (ever play GarysMOD, wow!!!!), Story, Online/LAN multiplayer {Team work},(the older games didn't even have multiplayer, it is like creating two games in one; which also is the biggest factor that leads to replayablity. It sux to lay down even $20 on a game only to beat it in 3 hours and never play it again, but the online factor of many games makes them work!!. And a deal. The old classics are just that OLD, if you ever try and play a current game you will be blown away, than try to go back to your old guys. It just doesn't work does it? Please do not speak of that of which you have little to none actual experience of. Cool
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