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Who's really the boss? Bush or Dick?

Who's really the boss? Bush or Dick?
Bush (the fluffy guy on top)
 10%  [ 1 ]
Dick (that hard-headed guy)
 40%  [ 4 ]
Balls (Karl Rove - the guy who keeps a low profile.)
 50%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 10

Who do you think is really in charge of the country? Is it Bush or Dick? Personally I think it's Dick but then again, he doesn't have the balls. Maybe in 2008 people will elect a woman because they're tired of Bush and Dick. What do you think?
The US is a democracy no one person is in charge. People seem to forget that quite frequently.
(Yes, technicly it's a republic.)
I am one of few people who thinks bush is not as dumb as he looks. I know, tts a tough belief to justify because that guy is always stepping all over himself, saying the most asinine things that I am sure he doesn't understand. But one doesn't become president if one is dumb. One doesn't become governor of texas if one is dumb. Rolling Eyes wait, forget that last one!

But then Bush isn't exactly the brightest florescent bulb in the hallway either! I think he allows people to have great influence over him. Rove is definitely one of those. Where would bush be without that nerd? Dick also has a lot of influence. So who is really in power? Bush obviously, but he keeps making all the wrong decisions.
i think both of them are PUPPETS i think Isreal is the boss and all of US administered by Jewish's.I don't mean i hate Jewishs but i think they don't deserve it the American people deserve it...
selim06 wrote:
i think both of them are PUPPETS i think Isreal is the boss and all of US administered by Jewish's.I don't mean i hate Jewishs but i think they don't deserve it the American people deserve it...
Do you have any evidence for that?

I think it's Dick. Bush couldn't be president without a brain behind him...
Why does America elect genitalia? It's obvious Bush is a puppet and you could say the same about Cheney except he directly protects his own corporate interests (Haliburton) by sacrificing legitimate government or what's left of it.

It's horrible how they are trying to fix the oil prices by deregulating the oil industry. Deregulation, that's their answer for everything. Even though oil companies are making record-breaking profits and flexing their power in global politics. Bush just gives them the green light to bone America. It's not Democrat vs Republican, it's the whole world against Big Oil and multinational corporations. They can easily buy office and put another Bush or two-faced democrat in power.
I thought they'd gotten rid of Rove anyways. Replaced him with someone "fresh".
Let's not forget george h.w. bush in all of this. He has said he never talks to his son about policy matters. What the hell do they talk about then? Crawford hookers?? Come on. I think the old man has his share of influence, he is just clever enough not be seen with his son!
Both are equally clumsy, crazy and dumb.

But dick sure has more sense than bushy..

He uses his brain(rare for US politicians) a little
I hate the idea that people think that someone is "in charge" of me.

It is the false perception that is the problem.

Bush took and oath of office. Same as any other official. If you want to read up on it check the 14th amendment, Sections 1 and 3.

Once they take an oath they must work within the system and do so with true statements. We're not doing this.

For example, we went to war with the ALLEAGTION of Wmds. Where is the proof? We have none? But we go to war anyway?

The decision violated our system of Innocent until proven guilty and it became a very poor decision. Had we waited until the ALLEAGTION could be proven and discussed with Iraq we would not have gone to war and gas would be $1.50 per gallon.

NEITHER Bush NOR Chaney is "in charge" of me. I am an American.
If one wants to look for a 'brain' (as if the administration actually had one), it would have been Rove, who is no defunct.
We cannot honestly believe that it is George W. Bush who is making the critical decisions of the United States. I mean this is the same person who personally bankrupt his own business within a few years. That crazy party kid from Yale. Now Cheney the man who financially manuevared a multibillion dollar carreer while in and out of office he seems to have a little more "smarts" in actually running a government. But we all know that real people in charge are neither republican nor democrat they are just rich and in control.
dickless actually makes the decisions, but is smart enough to let her girlfriend georgette think she does instead.
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