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Over clocking help

Hey, I was thinking about over clocking my computer for a while now. After reading about it for a few days, I decided that it would be better to ask someone who has some experience, knows a think or two about the limits of systems, than me trial testing things and hoping that I wont make some stupid mistake.

Thus me asking here, what people think would be a stable over clock for my system. Here is the cpuz page for my computer, If you need me to run something else for more data please just say so.
What ise the temperature of proccessor?
You might want to tell us what type of CPU fan/cooler you have and what your CPU temperature is too. If it's stock cooling, you'll be able to get some decent overclocking abilities.

Nice computer BTW. I don't remmeber, but I think the Venice core is pretty good for overclocking.
sorry, I forgot to mention the fans and cpu heat.
@gh0stface I picked that core because I heard something like that also.
I think the cpu is running at 49 degrees c. and the m/b is at 44 degrees c. Also I have 3 fans( on one the cpu and two for general flow)
If I were you I would change the multiplier to 8x and increase FSB to 250 Mhz if it's possible. Then you would have 2 Ghz CPU and might try overclock more. But I don't take responsibility if comething goes wrong Wink Razz
Some of the newer ASUS boards come with Cool and Quiet Technology and simple overclocking utilities and failsafes. U can't go wrong.
Saber wrote:
sorry, I forgot to mention the fans and cpu heat.
@gh0stface I picked that core because I heard something like that also.
I think the cpu is running at 49 degrees c. and the m/b is at 44 degrees c. Also I have 3 fans( on one the cpu and two for general flow)

Heh, when I asked about the CPU cooling unit, I meant what model and who's it made buy. An example would be Smile

The main thing when trying to achieve performance enhancing overclock is to drop the multiplier and up the FSB. The FSB is like the highway to information. Also, when overclocking, always increase the FSB with small increments such as 1.
britto wrote:
Some of the newer ASUS boards come with Cool and Quiet Technology and simple overclocking utilities and failsafes. U can't go wrong.

You always want to disable that when overclocking. It messes stuff up and causes wierd crap to happen.

Be sure to overclock your RAM in the same way you overclock the proc. Otherwise, you might actually hinder the performance of your system by causing a ratio.

Here is a useful article:

I am trying to learn how to overclock too, and so far the main thing I have found is experimentation is the best way to check what your best overclock will be.
Thanks for the help, I only have a generic cooling unit. so.. yah I guess its not really worth me buying new cooling and oc a little bit. But thanks again for the help. Saber
Just go into your BIOS and turn your FSB (Front Side Bus) up to its maximum... Twisted Evil
Stock cooler can work some times. Your MB temp is a bit high, you could grap some Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound:
clean off the crap on your MB cooler and chip, and just replace it with a thin layer of Arctic Silver, and you will take off 5C to 10C of your temp do the same to your CPU Cooler. Just make sure you get the cooler back on right and it has a strong contact with CPU, or it might burn a bit.

To overclock, always disable any cool and quiet or speed controled fans you want all the fans going full speed. I love ASUS and they work fine for over-clocking, Go to the BIOS and find the settings for your cpu. I like to keep the muyitplier at it's highest and just bump up the FSB, just go 5 Mhz at a time at the most save and restart. Use 3Dmarks or any benchmark or game auto demo to test out the system. Make sure it runs smooth before going to much higher. You can also play with the CPU Votage, just move it up a little and even try down a little, and see if it makes the overclock more stable.

Most CPUs can get an easy 10 to 20% increase with the stock cooler if you do it right. It just takes some time to find the right settings. Also try ramping up the RAM timings for more preformance. Just put the timing one step down and reset. When you hit the point that the overclock or timings crashes at boot up, the Computer should just reset to the latest workings setting, or defalts. Just reset the last working settings and do a full test on them. I found that some times I had to reset the BIOS to get the computer to boot, just disconnect the power and switch the jumper nearest to battery, some MoBos you have to pull the battery out for a little while and then put it back into reset life.

After you do all that, test your system throughly, and remember that if you have problems with anything or program that it is most likely your overclock. I've never fryed anything overclocking, most hardware now a days is pretty hard to mess up so don't worry about it to much, just watch the temps. Have fun OCing.
All good-quality systems can easily handle +10% overclocking, without buying anything extra.Just make sure that there is a nice air flow inside your pc, and that your power supply, is powerfull enough to handle the extra power which will be needed.
So, this would be: 1809.3x1,1=1990,23MHZ
Thats what you can get fast, easy simple, and with nothing extra to pay.
This extra 180MHZ, when transfered in name, would be 3300+.
Thats because THIS athlon64 cpu, gets the actual speed(1809,3) and multiply it by 1,65809981.Thats how you can get it.
If I were going to buy additonal cooling or a better cpu heat sink, what would you guys recommend?

And thanks for the silver stuff, I hadnt thought of that.
Search google for XP-90 or XP-90C both are good air cooling heatsinks.
The Best one but a little costly.
This is the one I have little cheaper but still very effective, plus helps move air around the case, both these are Large, so make sure you have room in your case for them first.

Really your stock cooler should be fine for your lower powered CPU
Here is a good site to check out, it will answer any questions you have. The people there are always willing to help.
AMD 3000+ Venice core is a great overclocker, i saw someone get 2.6ghz with stock cooling =\ His temperatures were below 50 under load!

My AMD 3200+ Newcaslte Core (S754) is getting old for that lame socket, but it still owns and i overclocked it from 2.2ghz -> 2.83ghz with stock cooling, it goes 32degree celsius on IDLE and 45 under full load.
personally i would upgrade the cooling before you try anything. I personally havent done any overclocking ever, but i know that the 3000+ comes with a decent cooling unit, however, it wont suffice for cooling much past the 2Ghz level. Even at 2Ghz though at the temps you are currently running, it may not make it that far. Look into the Zalman cpu cooler, it works wonderfully. Its the one that i am getting for my Pentium D 805 chip soon. They recently got an 805 chip from 2.66Ghz to 4.1Ghz using one of these coolers. I dont recommend going this far, but im just saying, its a damn good cooler, but its not cheap, its about 50 or 60 bucks i think if i remember correctly.
well first I would like to thank you for all your help. I also learned somthing..

I dont want to oc when in the dorms... (at least mine). I had posted
I think the cpu is running at 49 degrees c. and the m/b is at 44 degrees c.
when I was in the dorms and now that Im at home, those temps are more reasonable. 36 for the cpu and 27 for the mobo.

Thanks again, but Im not sure if its worth only ocing during my times at home

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