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Turn off your radio and television

Cause you have bad taste in music.
they have listed Linkin Park in their bad music list. I sure love this site Very Happy
It is a shame that some people's opinions take presedence over others just because they have a .com after their ideas, or morals, or values even.

If said that they could guarantee the winner of the next election, than no one would pay attention to it.

Thus, this website should be equally ignored because of the angsty ramblings of a very young minded individual.
Why didn't they call it "bad taste in web design"?

The only real text (not hidden in an image) on that page is:
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Your Email:

I hate websites without text; I mean the ones who put text on images. A machine can't read those things. My opinion is that every information on the internet should be crawlable and a machine should be able to read it.

Why? In the first place for the search engines. But also for the brower (especially in a few years), for people who browse without images and certainly for blind people. You can convert text to braille, but not text on images.
I think people should stop being such snobs when it comes to music. You don't have to say this just because it's different from your favorite music styles. Even if the subculture asociated with this style of music compelles you to do so. I for example like a lot of punk, grunge and hardcore music. All of which try to have exclusive "scenes". I think this is stupid if you like music, you like music. Fair enough if you deliberatly play this music to annoy those who don't but otherwise I think this is fairly negitive.

Linkin Park DO suck though. (Hehe... I like making moral arguments and the knocking them down myself.)

Also. hello, I'm new and stuff.
I don't dislike them because their style is different..
I dislike them because they suck.. just suck..
No you dislike them because IN YOUR OPINION they suck. Stop all this opinion stated as fact because it just causes bad karma online.
But the guy is right- the best music isn't heard on the radio, one must search for it himself.
I don't know about the rest of you, but where I live we don't have a lot of radio channels playing good music (only popular trash -- pop, country, dance... etc) and we don't have cable so we're stuck with 3 channels (hence, I live online).. I can't really figure out the purpose of this said site, but I'm a little sick of people telling me what I should listen to and what not...

If I didn't like what I'm currently listening to, and with todays avalability of music (be it legal or not) do you honestly think I'd keep listening to it?

I'm not gonna shove Korn or any other band that I like down your throat, so stop feeding me yours....

Simple as that Smile

And yes, that is My opinion Wink
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