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attitude toward boss

Two rules we should always remember:

Rule No1: Boss is always correct;
Rule No2: If boss said sun is raising from the west, then you should better talk with sun, ask him if he could rasie from west tomorrow.
Sometimes, you have a boss that is simply evil. It's not always good to do what he/she says.
Example my former boss used to clock me out before I was done working without telling me. When I found out, I watched carefully and whenever he did it again I would just leave right then (dispite the undone work). He told me not to, but he had no authority because what he was doing was illigal.
An addition to Rule Nş1:

Boss, however, might be actually wrong. Although he won't, you're wrong, since you tried to actually reason and come to a educated conclusion about your boss' statements and general ability to make sense.

And that's why you're wrong, because your boss is always right. And it doesn't mean he is smart (darn no, bring in the chimps!), and it doesn't mean that he's more experienced (although he may very well be). And it damn sure doesn't mean that the world is going to accomodate for what is he saying in order to make it true.

You're wrong, you're thinking there must be a reason for this and that his statements are always right because of something (even if it is because of the world changing to meet his needs). And that's why you're wrong. Nothing has to happen, he can't even be right, since that would imply the possibility of being wrong. He just is, and talks.

It's like rain, although with a much higher ability to be a disabling pain in the ass.
A statement that might apply to boss is:

Though I'm not always right, I'm never wrong!

My boss is difficult having to do with. Really confused and with a bad memory.
On top of that his juristiction is quite small, so he often sits inbetween seats.
A biiit hard to put up with.......

As for another 'boss-rule':
§3 Your boss is never your friend.
Your boss never makes mistakes. If he does, you're to blame.

If you do a great job, your boss diserves the credit

:( I sincerelly dislike my boss...
my boss isnt like that. Sad i guess i can call myself lucky huh? this is my first job and honestly im quite surprised that some people would act that way towards their employees.
I will probably have to leave the job I am in at the moment. I have been there for six years and love the work. It is interesting and challenging and worth doing. For the first 5 years I was there, it was a terrific job and I got on well with my bosses, even when I didn't agree with them. They treated me with respect and trust, and in return I put in heaps. I was happy to do extra whenever it was required, to do my own research to improve my skills and knowledge of my field.

Unfortunately last year we had a change of manager (actually 7 different managers in 12 months!) and one of them decided to change everything about how my team and I work. We moved location, moved from our own offices into open plan, got placed with people who work very differently, had our hours fixed instead of flexible, and can no longer work from home.

I am very angry about how we have all been treated. One person in my team has already left, one has decided to become pregnant much sooner than she intended to, one has reduced her hours to two days a week, and I have been on sick leave for a lot of this year.

A good boss is a wonderful thing, and a bad one can make life hell. Our industrial relations laws changed under the current government, making it much easier to get the sack or be treated badly in the workplace with no redress. I hadn't realised how vulnerable we were until this boss started to rub our noses in his power. One of the first things he said to me this year was, 'I'm a professor. I can do anything.'

Wish that I will have a good boss.
Most times I just try to stay under her radar, and avoid all possible incidents that could lead to actually speaking with her.

Any time I've need to make some sort of report to her, I do it by letter. I write up what I want to say then slip it under the door. Part of that is because she tends to be the type that if you haven't documented something, she can always claim it didn't happen later.

The other part of it is that she just intimidates me.

So yeah, staying well under her radar.
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