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This has bugged me for a while...

Okay, so you go and buy a website from a website. Where did they get their website from? how far up does this chain go?

Are my perceptions about how the internet functions skewed? Like what about the first website ever? Who did they go to for that? Shocked
Haha, Ive wondered the exact same thing, its really weird. Like, when you pay a place to register a domain, what exactly is it that they are doing?
Questions of the unknown. I wounder the same thing. Mainly the one about the domain names. But things will never makes sense.
Since these people give us the right to use the domains for only 5 years at the max. they must have permanent access to these things

Also, with which domain registrar did yahoo register theirs

Because it cannot be because that was started recently

Where did google register theirs?

Any idea people???
Has nobody here ever heard of Network Solutions? For further info:
apparently you have heared of em... but who did network solutions register with?
There are some who don't need to register domains.

They created the domain name system itself. Wink
just as a footnote....many people mistake the "Internet" and the "World Wide Web" as being the same thing....they are most certainly not. Many features, history, protocals, help, and etc. can be found at The World Wide Web Consortium.
yes, I agree that most people regard internet as web things, but actually, after enjoying internet for a while, you will find this is too huge for you to mater, and more, there always too much more interestings than what we could imagine.
I always assumed that they just host it themselves. The providers have a server, and they can lend some of it to people who buy websites from them. Meanwhile, they use their own server to host their site.
hmmn, keep wondering guys.... makes me remember the old riddle, who comes first, the chicken or the egg? Laughing
ICANN is in charge of creating and managing top-level domains such as .com or .net.
As for how it all got started, one used to have to enter the IP adress of a website in order to access it.
ocalhoun wrote:
ICANN is in charge of creating and managing top-level domains such as .com or .net.
As for how it all got started, one used to have to enter the IP adress of a website in order to access it.

to be a bit more specific "protocal:IP:port number" of the computer or network you wished to connect to....but you are very correct, the "yourname" part of a .com, .net., .whatever, is actually a sub-domain off of the top level.

Props ocalhoun Cool
Wow... the mystery is solved. As for all these links, I'm sure you guys already had em around, but good find still!
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