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[Hockey] Montreal's Canadians Vs Carolina's Hurricanes

In my case, I wish that Montreal can win in four games against Carolina. nobody think that it's possible but I'm sure that it can be done if they continue to play as a team without taking to much penalties for stupid things.

And if the Goaltender Cristobal Huet can stand 40+ shoots against him every games, can both the goalers of the Hurricanes can do it as well? I think that that series can be done in four games. As a matter of fact, it can really be done as Montreal already lead 2-0 Very Happy

I really dont like either of these teams. im a redwings fan lol. and the REDWINGS are gonna fricking own the edmonton oilers. I know the redwings are down 2-1 but tonight they are gonna win it lol. Go redwings go!
yea hmm the habs lost and the red wings lost. kinda of embarassing for detroit. i mean if u win the residents trophy for being the nhls best team, u might as well show something for it in the playoffs. And the habs should have beat the canes, but they lost . The sabres and the ducks seem to be doing well. i cant believe the teams that lost already. kind of a shame.
Well guys, what can I say-it is just that apperantly In NHL all the sponsor need to get money from somewhere-in Montreal-not that much-That's why I think we lost in the first rounf. Better luck next year
bryan shaw
Considering the fact that I'm American, I want North Carolina to win because I'd like to see another American team bring in the Stanley cup.
Who do you think will win the Cup? PM me if you'd like to talk about the subject.
The Carolina hurricanes cheated against the habs for lots of reasons !!!!!!! Kouivu's eye basically fell out and the only thing that happened was him falling and bleeding and going to the nursery! The refferee didn't call high sticking. The habs should have played the New Jersey devils, not carolina. At the last game of the season it was habs vs new jersey devils and Huet did a glove save; he placed the puck on the ice for a face off in his zone. The new Jersey Devil player, whose name i can't remember took the puck and shot it; he scored a goal he did not deserve. This loss made the canadiens stay 7th, and thus have to play carolina, while they really should have played Buffalo. So yes, poor habs Exclamation
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