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Help in love

It may seem really stupid what I will say in a few seconds but it's the real and damn truth.

I'm 22th years old and I never got a girlfriend ever. Or even got in bed in one. I know that it seem crazy but I don't know to talk to woman in general when I'm myself.

When I play games or that anything where I'm not really myself, I got no problems at all almost all the time. But when it's time to talk without playing someone else, I just can't.

In the past, I missed a chance to say to a girl that I really loved her because of my timidity. I loved her for nearly 4 years. And when she left to go at the university, I need to resign myslef to forget her at all, a really painfull thing to do. I were almost unable to sleep or to go to school without thinking of her. And since she were in the classes as I were, I was able to do homeworks with her withotu any problems. But as soon as it was time to talk of something else, I was unable to do it.

I know that I probably have a problem but I don't know how to solve it. I don't like the idea of going in town just to get a girl for one night. In fact, I've never done it before.

Does someone have some good advices to give so I can maybe go out and beat the hell out of my timidity? I would really enjoy to be able to live without this problem.
I would suggest if you like someone so much ask them out. Don't be a wimp and not. that will only show that you don't car enought to ask them out.

Never live with regreats in life. That makes something to look down on. Always go forward on things like that.
Well I think his problem is he's too timid to ask her out. So might want to start there.
Hmm - Quiet Interesting.

If you like some one, then try moving with her for some days / weeks.

Be good to her / him. Note each and every thing of her / him.

Validate within yourself if you are comfortable with her. Make sure that you don't lie to him / her. But also BE SURE that he / she does not lie to you Very Happy .

Understand the relationship between both of you. Whether he / she has the same feeling towards you.

Most of the times, girls are smart with this Reply " I JUST THOUGHT U AS MY FRIEND.

But ALWAYS keep this in your mind.
You can fall in Love with the Personality of anyone.
But remember, Finally you have to Live with the Character and not with the Personality.

Keep smiling. Cool

For any advise / counselling, you can send an personal mail me in frihost community mailing.
Post ur experiences / votes here.

Been there. Honestly.
....I just deleted 4 paragraphs of stuff for you to think about...Stuff that wouldn't have helped at all in reality.

I was the most freakin' shy, self-conscious guy around in HS. What I did do to get over it? Well, I wouldn't recommend that to anyone I don't know real well. But what it boils down to is taking a shot...and getting shot down. Alot!

Think of it like a skill. The first time you play chess, you suck. The first time you drive, you suck (believe me, you did!). But with experience, you get better, more confident. Same with talking to ladies.

In fact, starting with this "important girl" just makes it worse. Try asking someone else out first. Someone that isn't that important to you. You aren't making a committment with a date, you're just going out to have some fun. Takes a lot of the pressure off. Ask a bunch. Don't be bummed out if they say no. Just try again. and again. and again.

And who knows, you might make a great friend along the way.
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