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The Guitar/Bass topic

How many people in here play the (electric) guitar?

Let's talk here about our musical instruments!
Well... I've got a Gibson SG Standard like this:

and I'm very happy with it, with the full distortion is METAL
I have an Epiphone Les Paul. Tis my second guitar. Plays really nice and it just fits well with me.

I also have a Marshall MG30DFX, which is a pretty nice amp. No room or money for a half stack unfortunately.

What kinds of equipment or effects pedals do you use? I was think of buying a few of late. Was looking at the Boss distortion one, and maybe a nice Wah pedal.
hmmm... Sad im on the cheap end of this...i have a fender SQUIRE srat...a marshall 10 watt....and a digitech rp80 all serves me well for what i need tho!!
i love guitar too,but i'v only got a cheap wood one.
i guess its not really about the price though...if you can pay it well and it sounds reasonable then its all good!
Can we talk bass guitar too?

Because I have an Ibanez RD300

It's about due for a string change. My pride and joy is my SWR Workingman AMP that 1) I got for free in a random raffle 2) Is the biggest Amp I've ever owned. 450+ Watts, I forget exactly.
Wow! I've got only a Marshall MG15CDFX for practise at home and a Boss MT-2...

But well, I'm happy with them
I have an Ibanez RG Prestige and an Ibanez S Series with baritone strings. And an old strat copy but that broke in half. There is also an Ibanez Ergodyne bass but thats at home.
Subsonic Sound
I've got a...

DeArmond M-65
Fender DG-CE5
Dean DB96
Vintage EST96B
Vintage V940FL
And a random starfire acoustic bass. Smile

i play guitar in my band. we play heavy metal. i love playing guitar and have done it for a while now.
I love brutal death metal!

Well, what do you think are the best guitars? (non custom or luthier guitars)

I vote for Gibson! Laughing

I love the SG, if I could, I'd have a collection of vintage SG's. But they're to expensive...
I play electric guitar and bass as a hobby. I can play a few Classic rock tunes, and I'm very good at playing by ear. I have nearly no actual music. I just wish I had a better amp. It has no distortion or anything cool like that. It's got equalizers and an "Overdrive", which hardly does anything.
You can buy a distortion pedal...
Sickness wrote:
You can buy a distortion pedal...

no distortion pedal can give you the great warm tone from a tube/valve amp
hi everyone,

I play guitar since I'm 14 (I'm 46). My main instrument is a Fender stratocaster classic floyd. I also have 2 Us strat (1966 & 1973) one ovation folklore and a Rozas classic (grand concert). I really like the sound of the les paul but I prefer the stratocaster. As far as amps are concerned, I've had a vox ac-30 A mesa-boogie studio 22 and a marl IV. I sold everything to buy a rectifier. My favourite players are : Jeff Beck, Yngwie Malmsteen, Larry Carlton & Mark Knopfler (Sorry, I forgot David Gimour and plenty of others)
Yeah, the 66 strat must ve a very good guitar... GAS!

no distortion pedal can give you the great warm tone from a tube/valve amp

Yes, but a valve amp is very expensive, and a distortion pedal could be a cheaper "solution"
i am only a very new beginner. I have a steel string guitar and also download a lot of ebooks from internet. But my problem is always i could not keep practising it. Everytime I felt my fingers were aching or i had other things to do, I just quitted temporarily. Thus, I really don't think I can learn it all by my onw.

If sb could help, it would be great!
i've Cort X6 than rp50 pedal it s for electirc guitar

washburn xb100 bass guitar i have

i like my equipments

this are very usefull
I play a Washburn X-50 and I've got a 50 watt Marshall amp. I think I've been playing for 3 or 4 years. I absolutley love playing and writing music, and learning to play guitar has taught me a lot about music as a whole.
I am still playing on my first and only guitar.

Ibanez GRX20, its pretty cool I am saving up for a better Amp and Guitar but in do time this has been good to me.
hmm im an absolute newbie when it comes to guitar.. im just starting to learn the basic chords. have some guitar(dont know what make)
Ray Salamon
I'm a semi-professional musician... but my main instrument is bass guitar, so that'll be what I focus on.
My current amp rig goes like this:
Peavey Maxx preamp
RSD 800W/side 2-ch power amp (my deisgn, my parts, my amp!)
SWR 4x12 "12 stack"
Sunn 2x15 "215B"
Ashdown 1x15 "MAG115"

I actually recently sold most of my basses for my upcoming Spector and Benavente custom orders, but they wern't being played anyway...
Current on-stage basses are:
Spector NS2000/5

Zero effects in this signal chain.

I've owned, I think, every production bass out there, sans a Rickenbacker, and Spector basses is where my heart lies.

for those of you who find buying a good tube amp expensive (and that's true, it is expensive), try these if you have a computer (I'm sure you have one) : amplitube, guitar rigs (both runs on mac & PC). And if you don't have a computer, try the 'Sans Amp' (tech 21)
Guitars SUCK! Anyone like Bumblefoot(Ron Thal)?
I have a ibanez --

Gosh do i love her. It`s metallic Red.
My stuf:
fender classic strat
epiphone ej200n
cheap classic guitar
marshall 8080 amp
morley wah-wah
boss ce-2 chorus
Last summer I had every piece of equipment I own stolen (Mesa Boogie amp, PA, mikes, stands etc) at a cost of over 4000. At the time I was in a pretty decent band with label interest but since we got all our stuff stolen it has knocked the stuffing out of us and we have completely thrown the towel in. Of course we didn't have insurance. Since then I have amounted some new gear and hope to be playing soon again. I purchased a Hughes & Kettner Warp T valve half stack guitar amp. Its no Mesa Boogie buts its extremely close for half the price. A great amp for extremely clean or heavy guitar, there doesn't seem to be any inbetween which would probably put alot of people off but its perfect if you play in a punk/rock band.
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