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Plan 9

Have come across an interesting operating system called Plan 9 that was made by the guys at Bell Labs (where UNIX was developed).

It is based on new ideas from operating systems research and written from the ground up.
It can be freely downloaded and there is lots of documentation available.
The source code is also available to browse.

It also comes in a live CD version so you can try it by booting from the CD without having to install on your hard drive.
There is also quite a bit of software been made available for it.
The developers take the approach of developing a strong command line aspect, but a GUI is available with the OS as well.

Plan 9 can be found at
The FAQ is available here.
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It's pretty old operating system, but it is a very good choice for a server and developing programs on. It's rock solid stable, and has decent programming tools. It really sucks for a desktop outside of application development though, because its command line or a clean but menial GUI. I plan to base an operating system around its kernel from the source I downloaded from them.
A newer operating system based on plan 9 is Inferno. It is also free and open source, but has many more enhancements and can be hosted on another OS. It may be confusing because it has so many lisences though.
Plan 9, New to me, Lets see how good it is.
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alkady wrote:
Plan 9, New to me, Lets see how good it is.

I hope you're not even attempting to use it as a desktop OS. It's the greatest thing when it comes to a server OS[/exadguration], but a desktop OS it is not.
Vita Nuova inferno is more desktop geared, but still best for server use.
What would be a good reason to use Plan 9 over linux?
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mrblah wrote:
What would be a good reason to use Plan 9 over linux?

There are plenty - Plan 9 requires much less administration than a linux system. Plan 9 is more secure because it is obscure. I mean, the plan 9 wiki has a bunch of reasons to use plan 9 over linux or any other server.
but the thing, that I love on Plan 9 is

I believe that the wmii window manager for X is based on some of the concepts and ideas from the Plan9 GUI.
Really nice window manager too, check it out if you're looking for something a little different from a standard WIMP window manager.
The 8 1/2 of plan9 is really amazing.
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