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St Andrews vs. Edinburgh (help me decide on a university?)

meet in rio
...or at least listen to me whine about it.

I'm applying for 'Spanish and English Literature' and I really can't decide where to go. I keep swinging from one to the other, and have to choose pretty darn soon, so won't you please, ple-ease help me (help me, help me-e-e ooooh).

- Large city with pretty old buildings and a lot of culture: festivals, museums and general artiness.
- ...but my subject building looks like this: (ugly and 12 storeys high).
- Higher cost of living, and average annual student debt is 650 higher than St Andrews.
- The student population numbers around 20,000.
- Easy to reach with many/frequent trains/buses/coaches.

St Andrews
- Lovely buildings by the sea (The North Sea, though - we're not talking about the Caribbean here), including my teaching buildings.
- Student population numbers around 7,000.
- Better standard of modern language teaching.
- In the middle of nowhere: it's six miles to the nearest train station.
- "Weird and twisty" with a few odd traditions, which rather appeals.
- Generally makes tougher grade offers, which makes it more appealing (I know that's silly). On the other hand, if I'm looking for prestige then Edinburgh is quite a popular university.

I feel like the smaller St Andrews might suit me better, and everyone seems to know someone who's gone there and loved it... but I also love the idea of the city of Edinburgh (galleries, museums and better nightlife), and don't know if I might be bored at St Andrews after four years. The big problem is that I don't know whether I'm a city girl or a country girl.

I really like the look of them both, so I can't really lose... but... yes.
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