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The Curse of Kaumaha (a platform adventure)

Game Fortress
I programmed this game myself, but I wanted to show it to the community. I was given permission by the mods to post it. (if anyone thinks it is over self-advertising, I will try to fix the problem)

Download Link: The Curse of Kaumaha
Alternate Download Link: Alternate Download


File Size:5.22MB
GM Version: GM5.3
Screen Resolution: 1024x768
Changes Screen Resolution: Yes

Arrow Key Left - move left
Arrow Key Right - move right
Arrow Key Up - climb ladder/elevator
Arrow Key Down - descend ladder/elevator
Space Bar - jump
Ctrl - switch powers ( if you unlocked them )
Alt - use powers ( if you unlocked them )
Enter - pause game

Jump into the torches to launch fireballs at the enemies
Press space right before you hit a trampoline to go higher
Watch your surroundings carefully if you are stuck
There is one golden token hidden in each level
There are three golden enemies that unlock secrets
Golden doors require golden masks to get in
Getting enough masks will reveal a secret
There are 15 trophies that are not part of the game percent

21 Levels
40+ Enemies
Unlockable Minigames
Original Soundtrack
Trophy Cabinet (awarded for random things like killing 100 enemies)
Difficult Ending Boss
Secret areas
Hours of Gameplay

ULTIMATE CHEAT: do not read if you don't want to spoil the game. Select the line below to read the cheat.
pageup - skips the level you are in, counting you as beating it.

OHTER CHEATS: do not read if you don't want to spoil the game. Select the line below to read the cheat.
enter - in the bonus menu, unlocks minigames.
1 - gives you more health.
Up Arrow - in the map screen, increases gametime
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