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If you are Final Fantasy fan this is the forum for you!

Well i think that Final Fantasy series are the best in all games. My special favourite is FF VII ( and advent children) . But i did like FF VIII aswell.
But FF X did;t make it into my favourites. As for FF X-2 that was a barbie game for little girls ( shamefull for final fantasy) I think FF VII was the best ever made. And the FF X-2 the worst this world has seen from final fantasies. (hopefully, but surely it can't get worse!!!) Well the question is this ( sorry, questions):
1. Which Final Fantasy is Your favourite?
2. Why?
3. Your favourite player?
4. What are your strategies?
5. Your achievements..
6. Share hints
7. Need help?

P.S: I completed almos every Final Fantasy there is so don't be shy to ask. (except FF X-2 , that was above me, i mean barbie in a final fantasy? com'n!)
1. Which Final Fantasy is Your favourite?: FF7 most definately
2. Why? best plot, that, and i just picked up a copy of the PC version from my friend
3. Your favourite player? well, I gotta say that I really like Sephiroth, he's just bad ass, and was a good antagonist
4. What are your strategies? I like to get my characters' MP up high so I can use magic a lot
5. Your achievements.. Beat FF7 for PSX in under a day once
6. Share hints: None to share, just enjoy the games damn it!
7. Need help? Nope
1. Which Final Fantasy is Your favourite? Final Fantasy IX
2. Why? Amazing storyline. Loved the art style. Loved Chocobo Hot & Cold
3. Your favourite player? Barret
4. What are your strategies? Look everywhere for everything! Can't miss that potion in that chest!
5. Your achievements.. ummm...completed FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX and FFX...
6. Share hints: ummmm...look everywhere?
7. Need help? nup
1. Which Final Fantasy is Your favourite? I would say Final Fantasy X as I never played the number IV to VIII for now.
2. Why? I really like the Sphere Grid to upgrade your characters. And also the ability to change a teamates during a fight and for Blitzball.
3. Your favourite player? Yuna because of the Aeons Summons. Really powerfull when she have done all her grid.
4. What are your strategies? Get the best equipement available for all characters. And train really hard to beat everyboss the first time I encounter them.
5. Your achievements.. Being able to do 99999 damage with Yuna (she is not a fighter) on close combat Shocked. And killing the last boss on two hits Rolling Eyes
6. Share hints No hints to share
7. Need help? No help needed

But in my case, I really liked FFX2 as well. Just for graphics and for creating where when you end the game, you can restart it with all your skills and powers is really cool. And you can go different paths that way without missing some part of the story.

If someone every beat the mega boss on the 100 level of the dungeon under Bevelle, just tell me how you do it. I beat easily the first one but never got the second one Shocked
1: It's hard to decide Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Tactics, though FF7 had a great story.
2: FF was literally the Final Fantasy Square could make before they went bankrupt, and because of how well it sold on the NES, they are now going on their 12th one. FFT was basically the pinnicle of RPGs for me. Using an original tactical system and with so much open-endedness to create your characters, along with the truly great story, it is litterally my favorite game of all time. Not the GBA version which totally sucked ass.
3: It's hard to say out of all them, but probably Blank from FF9. He was just always my favorite character, and I wish they used him more.
4: I use a strategy against really hard bosses that involves a turn of all out attacks from everyone, then a turn of healing, then another all out attack turn. If that doesn't work, then I usually have one person heal every turn, and a backup healer to heal the healer.
5: Getting Yojimbo in FF10 to use Zanmato. It was truly so amazing, that it corrupted my data, and I had to start the game all over again. It was totally worth it, though. If I could do it again, I would. Not the crappy stripped down version in FF10-2.
6: Always have a healer.
7: I'm good...
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