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Explain mySQL.

Question Hmm.. I don't seem to know what mySQL is, or what it could be used for, i've heard loads of people talk about it, and it seems very interesting..
Anyone care to explain?
Its a kind of database, in the fact probably the most popular, that is available here at FriHost
here are some PHP,mySQL tutorials:

Good luck Very Happy
jabapyth is on the right track with some good resources.

MySql is a relational database and Relational Database Management System.

What this means is that it is a program that runs on a computer that manages in an orderly fashion the needs of different data. It also makes them accessible to the users of the database. This means that if you have text that you would like to store look through, and review, then you would be able to do so in an organized fashion within a database.

Although, virtually any kind of information can be stored in and pulled from a database -- this includes other programs, but that is a very unusual use.

All of this said, there are different types of databases, a simple text file, if it stores information and you review would be an example of a flat-file database - let's say phone numbers or directions in a list.

This would be useful when small, but you may need to change methods when the requirements grow up to be a larger size.

The next step up from a flat-file database might be a spreadsheet, where columns and rows are regular and can often easily be searched by a human or machine without much trouble.

Let's say that rather than 10 phone numbers with corresponding names, you have half a million or more that correspond to a city's population. This would be an example where a flat-file database - or even a spreadsheet - would be difficult to use. In this example, you would likely switch to a relational database.

A relational database does a number of special things, but the most defining is that it allows for reorganizing tables and rows so that they prove useful. It can be considered a series of usefully flexible MULTIPLE spreadsheets that can be lined up differently with the same information viewed differently - like a stack of cards can be shuffled.

So for instance, let's say that you have all of the names in a phone book, and you only need to see the names in 'n' like nikolic, my username and also only in the zip code 53212, the zip in which I am writing this. Then you would be able to ask a relational database exactly that, and it would show you only that.

In this case, we would ask a database in a special language called SQL, or Structured Query Language:

SELECT 'names' WHERE 'names' = 'n%' AND 'zip' = 53212;

While you would be a human user, there is also the possibility of a machine user making use of a database. For instance, a program - like a banking application - makes use of a bank's database of users in order to figure out who should have access to account information.

So, a database also controls in some respect who can see what it holds.

There is a quick intro to databases and relational databases like MySql. If you have other questions, simply ask.[/code]
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