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Anyone interested in swapping magic tricks

In the Magic world, good magicians never tell the secret. But among magicians it is common to trade a trick for a trick. You teach me one and I will teach you one. If anyone is interested, I think it could be a cool possible thread.
Mr Smith
One time when I said abra-kadabra nothing happened - I was amazed! =/
For god's sake mr smith make atleast one sensible post in a forum.

Most of your posts are totally irrelevant to the topic at hand .

It is disgusting to read them and gets sick after a while Evil or Very Mad
Mr Smith wrote:
One time when I said abra-kadabra nothing happened - I was amazed! =/

you have a great sense of humor!
i tried once, but i've sucked! I've had a magic stick and that kind of things. But as i was saying: "i've sucked"
sorry for my english
It is not my trick and I am not a magician, but I read it in one of those Klutz books and here is how it goes:

1) Thin Latex Sheet (I know what you are thinking and the answer is "No, that won't work and is highly unsanitary.")
2) Jar
3) Quarter
4) Rubber Band

1) Stretch the latex out as far as you can, untill it is just about to rip.
2) Have a friend/accomplise push the quarter into the latex, which you are still stretching as far as you can with both hands.
3) Have the friend/accomplise still hold his finger pushing the quarter against the sheet and then you release the latex slowly.
4) Friend/accomplise releases finger, and the Quarter should be stuck underneath the latex, but appear to be on top of it.
5) Gently rubber band the latex with quarter attachment to the top of the hole in the jar.
6) Grab a mark.

1) Tell the mark you will have him/her push the quarter through the latex sheet.
2) Instruct the mark to push the quarter through the latex and it will magically appear to go through the latex, but in reality it just lost its grip to the latex when the mark pushed it.
That was a great explanation. Very well done. If anyone is interested in that trick I think I have seen the official name called pennacoin. You can buy it at many magic websites. I don't own or have any affiliation with any of those sites so I don't think I am technically soliciting. I am just giving reference if someone is interested. One site I found was at It is a very cool effect that can really baffle because the latex is stretch around the coin so thinly that you don't see it at all and it really makes the coin to appear on top of the surrounding latex. Having the person push the coin may give it slightly away because they may feel the latex smoothnes, but usually they don't because they are instantly more amazed that the coin goes through but their finger doesn't. Thanks again for the post. I look forward to more and possible swapping if someone is interested.
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