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I just recently redesigned my site layout to an easier to use CSS/XHTML/PHP based system.

Tell me what you think works with the design and what doesn't.

I like. You web site shows good style, shows efficient code, and effective appearance. The advice I would give is to focus in on one area. Focus on directing the user to your content, and leave the portal stuff to other portals.

For example, your focus seems to be on tech guides, yet only one button on the front page leads to guides, the rest lead off to personal links, or more RSS news feeds. Narrow your focus down.

But this looks a lot better than your old site Smile
I wholeheartedly agree with benjad, I'd like to see more emphasis on your content. I like the news section, but I'd like to see your information taking center stage. It is better than the old site, although I like the tabs you had in the old one better than your current nav system. Also, to enhance usability, you may want to incorporate a search engine.

As far as design goes, the colors are nice with the light grey and dark blue with the redish orange accent color. I'd like to see tat developed a little bit more, throw more color around. I'd also like to see more of a difference between the headline text and the body text. Right now, both are about the same size, just the headline is bold. Maybe change the color of the headline font and make it bigger?
In addition, it may be more effective to have your blog and your forum share more of the same formatting and have your logo on them. Right now, it seems that they are not a part of your site.

All in all, I think you have a terrific site so far. I love that you used CSS to produce it and when the site gets going, it will be great.
First of all, thanks for looking at my site. Rolling Eyes

I agree that about the tabs for the menu ( that was one thing that I liked about the old site ) more color, and less rss news. One of the frustrating things has been that all (to my knowledge) pages are compliant, they still dont' show up the same in IE vs. Firefox, but I'm hoping to get IE 7 Beta 2 installed (my beta 1 install died...) and see if that's still the case.

I'm also playing around with a "featured articles" section that would appear on every page, showing new articles/guides.

Anyway, I'm hoping that sometime next, next, weekend I can sit down and work on it for a while, because this coming week(end) I'm taking some standardized tests... (wooo...)

Thanks again.
nice and clean design. I also like the contents. The only problem that I see is that the visitor doesn't get the idia of what is this site about before actually reading the text. You might want to change the "atmosphere" (or look'n'feel if you like) of the opening page, to better reflect the fact that the site is related to IT/computers/etc.
Plus: the Guides section is actually DIY Guides, thus a change in the section title is a good idea.
And finaly, the forum: it's look is very different from the look of the rest of the site. This gave me the impression that I left your site and switched to completely different one. You defenetely need to work on homogenizing the look of the different parts of the site.
You must do something with the font. Make the style of the font in the CSS. Your font is a bit too big.
Sebaci wrote:
You must do something with the font. Make the style of the font in the CSS. Your font is a bit too big.

Lucky for you his text is resizable. You can use your browser to shrink it down as small as you need, or when you get real old you can make it larger.Really not much point in critisizing font size unless it can't be resized by the browser.

Different people have different ideas about what's comfortable to read. The main idea is to be readable and not an eye test after all.

Nice design Donut. Looks like your using some sort of CMS. Everything in it's own space and lined up nicely. Only thing is you say you have valid XHTML but I ran a validator on your site and found 1 error:

Error Line 71 column 0: unclosed start-tag requires SHORTTAG YES.

<div class="twoleft">

(I know it isn't so easy. I spent two days working and redesigning my code to bring up everything valid. The bad part is I know that my quick fix is goining to look really sucky when someone shows up with IE.)
woops , thanks, I forgot to put a > at the end of <div class="holder" Rolling Eyes
I updated the forum so it looks a little more similiar to the rest of the site.

Got rid of the News link at the top, and trying to get a viable two column setup for the News in Brief section, but not working so great in css... anyway.
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