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Just started this one...

Ok.. The page i'm building at the moment, is primary dedicated to ones that play Guild Wars. But propably, there will be something else too, and i'd be happy to receive some suggestions about what should i include on the site.

The message boards of my site can't be posted except forums under main section. Please give me some feedback on boards about the site, even if you doesn't play. Everyone can give any feedback, but in one condition: NO SPAMMING!

Thank you!

(the angelfire-site will be uploaded to FriHost in some day within the 2 weeks)
Okay, i've looked at your page, and here is my comment:

Does game sites always need to be in black or dark colour form? I think a vibrant-themed web gesidn is better.

Urm, you need to work on your navigation bar. A simple frame with all the hyperlinks with the usual texts clearly does not make it nice. Do some work with graphics. Nice navigation bars will add up to the overall design look, but they need to be integrated and not just floating around. In simple words, they need to blend in. Then it'll be nice.

However, i think the Other GW Fan Sites page is nice. Keep up that good work and try to improve the other pages as well, especially the home page.
Of course.. Purpose of that page is just to keep it up and running. Graphics and all other things are already under design. And about that other fan sites, it's just straight link to Guild Wars' own site. I thought to copy those links on my own page after it's finished designing. I'm trying to avoid straight links.
Hey, are you're still here? Cause it's actually really nice to at least reply to the comments and let us know you're still here. That way, people know you really wanted the comments. I see you have only two replies here, that's really speak about what i said, isn't it. But then maybe you're too busy redecorating thw website or doing sometthing else entirely. Well then its up to you anyway. it;s your website anyway. Just thought i'd give you some comment and advice.
Frames are evil, you should definatly lose the frames as fast as possible as they are my enemy....and every time i see frames i die a little inside

For some reason i am thinking tabs would be excellent for this site, just something aobut it is screaming tabs to me

Nonetheless ascide from that it looks pretty good, however you might want to replace the black background with a dark grey background...lighter colours are usulaly better for a background Razz
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