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iMac software Macintoh OS 10.2.3 on PowerMac

Ok bad title I get that.

I bought a Macintosh OS 10.2.3 cd of ebay (yay ebay)

They siad the OS came with a iMac G4.

I'm going to run the software on a G3 PowerMac and finally upgrade the old thing.

Question is will it work? I read somewhere that apple software that comes with the computer will only work with that computer. it was a unreliable source so I wasn't sure.

I know it is a full install. And I know you must push "C" to boot up from the cd.

I haven't recived the software yet. So I can't test anything till tuesday or wensday when it arrives.
I am not sure. It is true that i have had some trouble installing software with other machines. I know that a generic version works on it as i am running 10.2.8. I think it will work but am not sure. Try the official apple website.
Apple has forums too under support if you can't find it on the site. My guess is that it should probably work fine, but I don't know for sure.
O, Sorry I should have wrote SOLVED.

It was because I was using NEC drives. I did research and found that these cheap drives will not boot up in a MAC. (of course a g3 didn't come with dvd roms.) I just bought a better CO. brand and it booted right up.
Doesnt surprise me...anything made by HP is crap
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