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Any Hindus ?

Hey Hindu's , including my self ,
i recently noted a great forum , has sprouted onto the NET ,
so give it a look , and make it come alive ,

also , this is my friends blog , whom i cant believe is a NATIVE USian , and a christian , but being magnetically , covered by hinduism , that she has started writing a blog on hinduism , which has gone to great heights , so give it a look , GUYZ ...
hey man... I born in south india... (dravidian) borned in a christian family.... but now I consider my self as a Hindu... see... now you got one more person.. who came to hinduism... actually I was coming back... my ancestors.. was brahimn but one became christain... and now Iam just going back.. to where my ancestors.. came from...
How would you like to define a Hindu? The religion itself is called 'sanatan dharma' as described in ancient vedas. The term 'Hindu' was coined by imperialist britishers to describe people living across river 'Sindhu' which was then the border of India.
Also a prominant political party in India considers 'Hinduism' as the way of living of the indians irrespective of their faith. (Has polled almost 200 million votes (more than 30 % of actual polling) in election in India which shows a considerable following)
What about faiths likes sikkhism, jainism, buddhism and others with astoundingly similar philisophies. They are considered as separate religion by some while branches of hinduism by others.
I would like to know your views in this matter

p.s. there is only one country in the world with Hinduism as their official state religion........Nepal.
I like to define hindu as "anybody who born and brought up in anyparts from afghanisthan to tibet and southwards" because.. it is the way of living.. and I have said the same thing you said.. twice in this forum before.. and keep one thing in mind... when most of the people talk about hinduidm or hindu... they are just talking about "Sanathana Dharma"... so what it means by when I became hindu... is I started to belive in Santhana Dharma... EVen though 82% population in India follows HInduism (santhana dharma) there is a whole bunch of other kind of relegion... and since.. India is Unity in Diversity, it cannot consider to make any relegion as its official state relegion...

My views in this matter is.. jainism, budhissm, sikhism are branches of hinduism (santhana dharma)... while.. these relegions took all the advices and way of living from santhana dharma.. but did not take any gods or godessess...
so when people look at any of these relegions they are different from hinduism (sanathana dharma) because they don't have the gods and godesses that we (hindus) have... but they don't care to look at the "Advices on how to live" from hinduism is almost the same as these relegion...

i am a HINDU too. i am from the state of ANDHRA PRADESH , INDIA Very Happy
I am Hindu


I don't believe in Racial Discremination.
Its very Bad and the cause of lots of violence in OUR COUNTRY
and every body know its india

Earlier All of us were hindu. Diff. Civilization invaded our country and converted our people into there own race.It was forceful. But people don't understand this and they fight for there own culture.
Its very Bad I think.
Iv been in India and heave seen verry much....
we where talking to our driver about hinduism...
He said he was a hindu....
Then we asked do you pray for help.....(and much more)
He sayed: It's Just stones!

Is it only stones...What is moore?

God Bless!
You may have been to India.. but I can promise you that.. you haven't seen anything.... what you saw... agra.. kanyakumari... redfort... and some people around it... is that it... or did you went visiting.. all 28 states.. and all villages and cultures in it... or did you try to speak all.. 325 languages... what does it mean by saying you have seen much...

hey totax... nobody here said... anything bad about jesus... why you christains have no respect.. for others.... if I told you that one christian told me that... jesus is nothing more than a carpenter... would you belive it... well you should...
If the driver told you it is just stones... hey... bad for him... and if you made it up... then bad for you... I know.. christians like you does have a tunnel vision... and do not like to think... but do not act like soulfire... don't be disrespectfull...
I respect Hinduism.....think you shoud know that.....
But i am wondering why he sayed it's only stones?
He was some thing he called a Normal hindu...
I am not saying all hindu's are like that....
But i'll like to know that "real" hindu's like you stand's for?

And i think you shoud know that i really heave respect for hindus, but in the way i write it may can be a problem, cause English is not my mothertough......
So i Can't eksplayn so good!
And maby you miss understand!

God Bless!
I appologize for what I said to you.. and comparing you to soulfire..

He was not something called "normal hindu" but an "ignorant hindu" ... in hinduism there is nothing called a Real one.. My "real" can be your "fake" and vice versa.. you will understand what I said.. when you are done reading below..

you cannot just say.. what hindus stand for... because it is complicated... as you said.. english is not my mother tounge either... english is my 3rd language.. so sometimes I cannot explain some thing for myself.. or some times I cannot.. tell you some big philosphical things.. anyway...

If you ask people from different background people will tell you differently... about hinduism.. nothing is wrong in it.. everything is the same.. but said in a different way.. we do not beleive in life after death in heaven or hell... but we do belive in re-incarnation or rebirth... and to get away from the sins of this life... and to punish you for those sins.. you will get another life.. and we fear re-birth.. you will keep re-incarnating until you attain Moksha.. So instead of waiting for a life in heaven or hell... we just live our this life at the best we can.. in a peacefull way.. and without hurting any one... we belive that Words can hurt and heal you.. so we feel terribly bad, when we find out that.. our words did hurt somebody.. We live on base of morals.. what our parents teach us... we know about the religion through our parents and teachers... there is no relegious schools for hinduism.. you can go to temple anytime.. and say all your sadness to the God...
many think that we belive in many Gods... but you have to understand the word God have two meanings Inside and Outside india... Out side the India, the word God means, the supreme being itself... But Inside India the word God means.. A face of Supreme being..
In hinduism.. there is only One supreme being, the supreme soul or we call it... "Brahmam" he/she who haven't been seen by anybody, nobody have picutres, nobody know nothing about him...
and since it is hard to belive in something that you cannot even imagine.. there comes a way to communicate with him.. Gods (faces).. which we can draw pictures of.. (same as you look at the picture of jesus and pray.. and it is a path to worship... he is something you can hold on to.. you have seen him/her.. felt.. the divine power... I have felt it.. several times.. and since.. everybody doesn't understand things the same way.. here comes 33 million Gods/Faces/Ways pick the God/Godess.. you understand everything he/she says.. and you have no questions about it... then follow him/her.. thaz why in hinduism you can choose any God for you to follow.. because.. you may find his charrecteristics suitable for your way of thinking..
we don't want to convert others to our relegion.. because... in My language.. the word relegion itself means.. "opinion"

if you want to know more.. or have questions about what I said.. please ask.. I tried my best to explain it in the english.. which I know.. as I said.. it is my 3rd language..

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/correction/s/ please do it asap
ok, i think i know more now....

But' i don't heave one pic of jesus or god home!
I dont see at pic's or anything when i pray or worship:P

verry intressing to talk to you!

And as i sayed erlyer i really respect Hindu's....
What do Hindu's mean at the topic: sex before or after marriage
I am a Hindu too.

Well I am from Nepal. Living under the sacred shade of Pahupatinath.

Its a great feeling to be Hindu. I love it. When i was a kid, i believed in gods as usual.
when i got into my science studies, i thought that this is a nonsense.

upon reaching the higher studies, i gradually came back to my own original flow. Now i am a strong believer. But that doesnt mean i m blind towards superstitions.

I have my deep faith and enjoy the confrontation with the gods mastery.

This is good.
totax wrote:
What do Hindu's mean at the topic: sex before or after marriage

If you are asking what my opinion about this topic... then just go look in the topic.. I have wrote my opinion there.. (1st page... two times)

If you are asking the point of view of the relegion.. then it prefers sex after marriage... and like hinduism, marriage is also complicated.. it is done in different ways.. in different places.. mainly two types: there is marriages that is witnessed by people... and there is marriages that is not witnessed by people... which mean... you lit some fire.. and the witness is fire.. the guy ties a necklace (thaali or mangalya suthra) around the neck of the girl... and they are married.. men's duty is to protect his women at any cost.. he is not allowed to hit women.. if he is complled to do so then hit her with the hand that you are not good at.. and only once... (left hand for right handers and vice versa : refering to what Lord Hanuman said)... ok now Iam going off the topic some.. but just saying it... because you are interested in our ways and Ideas...

You can only have sex with your wife... (as I said you can marry secretly and once you marry.. that is the only wife you get.. one marriage in one life... you are not suppose to divorce... it was a rare thing... but now it is not an unsual thing because of the western influence)..

If one girl lost her virginity before marriage... she lost her most valuable wealth.. girls won't allow anybody to touch them before marriage.. (unless it is the person who is going to marry her)..

This thing will go ON and on for pages... so Iam stoping here.. I hope you got your answer...

If you got any question/s/ comment/s/ suggestion/s/ correction/s// do it asap
I'm not a Hindu but I am a Polytheist (have more then one God) and have an interest in learning more about the Hindu religions.

One thing I do know is that Hindu temples have some really beautiful decorations, and stone statues representing the Gods and Goddesses. What some folks refer to as idols. Now, a lot of westerners are a bit confused about idols. They tend to think that the stone carvings are regarded as the Gods and Goddesses themselves. I know that in Western style Paganism that is not true. Images and idols are mere representations, something to help the mind focus on the devotions of the folowers. Much like the cross or statue of Mary and other Saints in Christian churches.

My question is this: Is this the veiw that the followers of Hindu religions have of their idols?
You are absoulutely on the right path Tex-Arcana.. and the purpose you said is also right... " something to help the mind focus on the devotions of the folowers". If you ask even a Kid seven year old... he/she will tell you that Lord Krishna is not just a statue in the temple.

If you got any question/s/ comment/s/ suggestion/s/ correction/s// do it asap
Hey thanks for the great links....

Any idea where I could find a downloadable Parasara Smriti, just dying to read it.


Its hard to define hinduism or hindu in single sentence. I more likely agree with the notion that its a way of living of the people residing in the area below himalayas and east to the sindhu river. No Hinduism consists of many casts and creeds and everyone lives here with unity in diversity. Live and let live is the principle of the nation. Hindus dont belive in forceful conversions and love jihads.
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